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Welcome to the Intelligent Building Channel, where our experts connect you with the underlying technologies, systems, and operations of Intelligent Buildings.

Smart Buildings put people at the center.

An Intelligent Building listens to the people who are using it and responds – leveraging data and technology for health and wellness, comfort, productivity, energy and water usage, and operational excellence.

Smart Building Strategies

Comprehensive mobile app experienceOT CybersecurityOccupant Comfort
Mobile Access CredentialsIntegrated User Interface for all Building SystemsIndoor Air Quality Monitoring
Personal Environmental ControlsOccupancy & Space Utilization Insights for Real Estate & PlanningAdvanced Sequences
Self-service Amenity Availability and BookingDemand-based Soft ServicesEnergy and Water Efficiency
WayfindingAutomated ReportingOngoing Commissioning
Convenience - Connect with food service, local attractions, conciergeIntegration with Work Order systems (IWMS) Automated Commissioning
Location-based ServicesParking and EV Charging Management TechnologyMonitoring-based Commissioning


Fifth & Dinwiddie Project: At the Intersection of Building Science and Data Science
Since the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its related technologies, we are witnessing an ever-increasing number of devices connected to a building network, producing voluminous amounts of data. Although that data holds a treasure trove of insight that can fundamentally impact operational efficiencies and occupant experience, building owners and operators often struggle to manage and derive value from the information deluge. In order to successfully operationalize building data, a sound architecture strategy that addresses methodologies for collection, transportation, normalization, integration, analysis, and protection of data must be in place. This insightful webinar will focus on developing a comprehensive smart building data strategy. Industry leaders who have successfully delivered on the promise of using data to increase operational efficiencies and occupant comfort will share best practices and present data use cases.
Many organizations struggle with clearly defining their business objectives and goals surrounding a smart building strategy. This endeavor is also complicated by the fact that technology features of major building systems are advancing rapidly and may become functionally obsolete before the project is complete. This series showcases the most successful and notable smart building projects in the industry to provide examples of how to take full advantage of smart building technologies and the information gathered by different building systems. Today’s intelligent building includes an integrated, interoperable approach for the entire IoT landscape. This session showcases technologies as well as IT/OT convergence strategies that allow building monitoring and controlling for operational efficiency, financial optimization, occupant experience and health and well-being.

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