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Newcomb & Boyd is continuing our 100-year tradition of bringing smart solutions to the built environment.

We operate on a solid foundation of proven processes, real-world data, and a forward-thinking mindset. The result is a flexible, client-centric team of engineers and technology experts who know how to partner with industry-leading architects and the sophisticated owners they serve.

Mission & values

Newcomb & Boyd is a market leader in providing clients with intuitive, intentional engineering solutions. We meet their practical, environmental, and financial objectives so that their people draw inspiration from their surroundings while making the world a better place.

We embody a 100-year tradition of innovation. It’s a tradition as real as the skylines our work has created, breathed new life into – and defined. It continues today, thanks to our team’s unrelenting commitment to service and tireless search for a better way.

The people of Newcomb & Boyd today stand on the shoulders of giants. And we advance their legacy by building the hospitals, office towers, universities, technology centers, arenas, and theaters where our neighbors work, create, study, perform, and dream.

At the dawn of our second century, we face accelerated changes, challenges, and opportunities. As an organization that cares deeply about a future where everyone flourishes, we are committed to making contributions in the areas of decarbonization, deep green sustainability, building intelligence, health and wellness, and resiliency.

Each change will test us. We’ll collaborate with you to address each one with passion, innovation, and resolve.

opportunity awaits

Opportunity awaits

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