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Taking Junction Krog District to LEED Gold

Junction Krog District is a vibrant six-story building boasting 135,000 square feet of Class A office space that redefines the epitome of modern work environments. Expansive balconies and a rooftop deck offer tenants panoramic views of the city. Nestled along the buzzing Atlanta BeltLine, the complex features "The Porch," a captivating 7,000 square feet of seamlessly integrated space where the boundary between indoors and outdoors dissolves. Junction Krog District is a dynamic fusion of state-of-the-art workspace, chic restaurants, and retail spaces that create a lively atmosphere woven into the pulse of Atlanta's energy.

Krog The Porch

As the Sustainability Consultant for the project, Newcomb & Boyd’s integrated team of experts pushed the project team to exceed Portman Holding’s original goal of achieving LEED certification at the Certified level.  Without incurring additional costs or requiring extensive design modifications, Newcomb & Boyd outlined a path that ultimately achieved LEED Gold certification for Junction Krog District.

Navigating sustainable strategies to achieve LEED Gold certification requires input from multiple technical experts including LEED consultants, MEP engineers, Energy Analysts, Acousticians, Lighting Designers, and Smart Building experts. Newcomb & Boyd’s consulting team includes experts in all of these fields, providing building owners with a ‘one-stop shop’ for comprehensive, technically competent sustainable design and consulting. In the case of the Junction Krog District, our team seamlessly integrated sustainability into the design and construction process, resulting in an efficient building boasting a praiseworthy LEED certification. The benefits include reduced operational costs, enhanced indoor air quality, and amenities that appeal to tenants and visitors.

Our strategic approach included early modeling and analysis of energy and water-use. We evaluated numerous energy and water conservation measures,
including glazing and plumbing fixture options, ultimately optimizing energy and water use while considering capital and operational costs. This achieved:

  • over 14% reduction in annual energy consumption compared to a typical office building (per current CBECS data) 
  • over 16% reduction in annual energy cost savings (compared to LEED baseline) 
  • and over 68% reduction in annual indoor and outdoor water consumption 
Krog Balconies

The benefits extend beyond statistics and include the expectation of heightened occupant productivity, thanks to a deliberate selection of materials, lighting, and enhanced filtration systems. To perpetuate this commitment to sustainability, we crafted a Tenant Sustainability Guidebook for the Owner. This guidebook showcases the impressive sustainability related features in the building and serves as a beacon, inspiring prospective tenants and offering them a straightforward path to pursue LEED certification for their buildout. 

The success of Junction Krog District stands as a testament to our ability to navigate complexity and transform sustainable aspirations into concrete, impactful results, and as a guidepost for those looking to forge a sustainable future in their real estate projects.