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Gardes Brendan
Brendan Gardes, PE, CEM, WELL AP
Associate Principal, Sustainability Studio Director

Sustainable Studio Director, Brendan, prioritizes building positive client relationships by listening to clients to understand their needs and key drivers, educating them on the latest innovations, and providing quality deliverables they can trust. He has assisted in the green certification of 35 projects including those who have achieved and are pursuing LEED Platinum, Living Building Challenge, and net zero energy projects. His consulting philosophy revolves around the question: “Am I positioning the client to make the best decisions possible to achieve their goals?” In his spare time Brendan enjoys hiking.

Phone: (404)730-8548
Email: bgardes@newcomb-boyd.com
Gilbert Brett
Brett Gilbert, PE
Associate Principal, HVAC Studio Director

Collaboration, along with fostering the development of others, is central to Brett’s design philosophy. As HVAC Studio Director, he believes these actions drive quality, efficiency, and growth. Brett encourages his team members to bounce ideas off colleagues and solve problems together. Similarly, Brett is thrilled to see the construction industry move towards a more collaborative effort where relationships develop amongst all design and construction team members, facilitating a process that optimizes system selection and design. Brett enjoys music and he plays piano, bass guitar, drums, French horn and trumpet.

Phone: (404)730-8508
Email: bgilbert@newcomb-boyd.com
Gates Britton
Britton Gates, CTS-D, CTS-I
Associate Principal, Audio-Visual Studio Director

Audio-Visual Studio Director, Britton Gates, is passionate about guiding our clients through every step of the project process to ensure we meet the Owner’s goals. His key focus areas are user experience, smart building integrations, and unifying virtual collaboration environments with physical space. He has a truly holistic view of building technology and looks for integrations and efficiencies between trades to create technology that flows seamlessly together for both end users and technology managers. Audio-visual technologies evolve rapidly, so Britton stays on top of trends through involvement in industry demos, events, and tradeshows to fully capture an auditory or visual experience. In his free time, Britton enjoys playing golf.

Phone: (404)730-8423
Email: bgates@newcomb-boyd.com
Costanzo Courtney
Courtney Costanzo, CPSM
Associate Principal, Marketing Director

In her role as the Director of Marketing, Courtney Costanzo spearheads a dynamic team of Marketing Coordinators, working in close collaboration with Principals and Project Managers to meticulously oversee the caliber and punctuality of our deliverables. Courtney excels in the realms of proposal development, website management, crafting compelling marketing collateral, and adeptly handling database administration. She holds a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) credential from the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). Outside the workplace, Courtney finds joy in hiking and camping adventures with her family.

Phone: (404)730-8444
Email: ccostanzo@newcomb-boyd.com
Bridges Curt
Curt Bridges
Associate Principal, Electrical Studio Director

Curt, an Electrical Engineer, provides project direction and mentorship for his team, and has expertise is in power distribution. He is recognized for making well-informed decisions to achieve the client’s objectives and ensures effective communication through well-crafted design documents. Curt is a “maker” at heart and loves creating or fixing tangible and useful items, especially if they are helpful to others.

Phone: (404)730-8539
Email: cbridges@newcomb-boyd.com
Richey Danna
Danna Lopez Richey, PE, WELL AP
Associate Principal, Sustainability Studio Director

Danna is a valuable resource for clients seeking sustainable, healthy, high-performing buildings. As a Sustainability Studio Director, she will focus on streamlining integration with internal disciplines and furthering Newcomb & Boyd’s culture of conservation and sustainability. Our sustainability consultants are fully integrated design team members who educate our engineers on the latest developments related to sustainability in the built environment. Danna is enthusiastic about utilizing real-world data and a forward-thinking mindset to bring a holistic view to our clients’ projects.

Phone: (404)730-8563
Email: drichey@newcomb-boyd.com
Duda David
David Duda, PE, CPP, PSP
Associate Principal, Security Studio Director

The Newcomb & Boyd Security Team is known for completing large, complex projects, such as federal courthouses and correctional facilities, on time and within budget. David’s focus in his role as Security Studio Director is to utilize his attention to detail to improve the quality and efficiency of the team’s process by enhancing Quality Control efforts and refining the master documents and tools.

Phone: (404)730-8526
Email: dduda@newcomb-boyd.com
Connelly Dennis
Dennis Connelly, CPD
Associate Principal, Plumbing Designer

Dennis is an expert in commercial plumbing design and project management. With deep theoretical and practical knowledge of all types of drainage and venting systems and a wealth of knowledge in fluid or gas process systems, he is regarded as the firmwide source for all plumbing system questions. Denis is the leader of a team of engineers responsible for the design of a range of commercial and institutional facilities and is an active member of the Atlanta Chapter of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, where he has held the highest leadership positions.

Phone: (404)730-8497
Email: dconnelly@newcomb-boyd.com
Shvets Igor
Igor Shvets, RCDD
Associate Principal, Communications Consultant

Igor, a skilled Project Manager and Communications Sonsultant, showcases a profound understanding of low voltage systems encompassing communications, electronic safety and security, and audio-visual systems. His specialized knowledge extends to healthcare technology design and campus master planning. Guided by a proactive mindset, Igor emphasizes the seamless integration of building systems that meet current needs and anticipate future requirements. As a true engineer at heart, Igor thrives on the challenge of finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Outside of his professional endeavors, he enjoys his hobbies of youth counseling and photography.

Phone: (404)730-8543
Email: ishvets@newcomb-boyd.com
Conner Jason
Jason Conner, PE
Associate Principal, Charleston Office Director

Jason is an Electrical Engineer and the Director of the Charleston office. While his focus has been primarily on military projects, he has successfully overseen numerous ventures in higher education, government facilities, and healthcare. The collaborative spirit in the office fuels Jason’s optimism, and he aims for success through leveraging the capabilities of his dedicated teammates. In addition to his leadership role, Jason serves as an engineer in the United States Naval Reserve, holding the rank of Commander.

Phone: (843)574-8731
Email: jconner@newcomb-boyd.com
Clements Jessica
Jessica Clements, INCE-USA
Associate Principal, Acoustics Studio Director

Jessica is a dedicated and passionate acoustical designer who takes pride in creating spaces that not only look good but also sound good. She believes that acoustics should seamlessly blend into the overall design and aims to create spaces that make people feel good. Jessica is also a member of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC). Outside of her professional life, Jessica enjoys interests such as Star Wars, Marvel, and sci-fi novels. She also enjoys time with her kids whether it be Legos on the floor or watching Minecraft creations.

Phone: (404)730-8429
Email: jclements@newcomb-boyd.com
Wells Joel
Joel Wells
Associate Principal, Plumbing Engineer

Joel is a Plumbing Engineer with design experience for both commercial and institutional projects. His experience includes more than 190 projects for new and renovated facilities. Conversant in the complexities of scientific, laboratory, and healthcare facilities, Joel has been published on the topic of locating plumbing utilities. He was named a Senior Associate in 2008.

Phone: (404)730-8505
Email: jwells@newcomb-boyd.com
Tokaji John
John Tokaji, PSP
Associate Principal, Security Consultant

John has over 30 years of experience in security design and project management for commercial and institutional projects. He is responsible for more than 150 projects and has published and presented on topics relating to security awareness. John has exceptional skills in security design for office towers, museums, healthcare facilities, governmental buildings, performing arts centers, aviation facilities, high-rise condominiums, and higher education campuses. Throughout his career, John has enjoyed experiencing all facets of the industry, from fieldwork to sales, to project management and systems engineering. John’s attention to detail allows him to create solutions to address the security needs of clients.

Phone: (404)730-8519
Email: jtokaji@newcomb-boyd.com
Henschen Josef
Josef Henschen, CTS-D, CTS-I
Associate Principal, Audio-Visual Consultant

With many years of experience in the design and construction industry, Josef’s work has included audio-visual system design for more than 120 projects, including many in the higher education, government, and performing arts sectors. He possesses the in-depth knowledge necessary to determine the correct solution to audio-visual requirements, and thoroughly considers the needs and budgetary concerns of the client. Josef is passionate about combining emerging audio-visual technologies with proven best practices to help clients realize their technology goals. In his free time, he enjoys cooking.

Phone: (404)730-8573
Email: jhenschen@newcomb-boyd.com
Brisbane Josh
Josh Brisbane
Associate Principal, Security Consultant

Josh, an experienced Security Consultant, sees his work as more than just a job—it’s a mission to safeguard what matters most to clients. With specific experience in commercial and institutional projects, he strives to deliver optimal security solutions through keen attention to detail. In Josh’s free time, he enjoys fitness, golf, and indulging in the world of Star Wars. Josh is actively involved in the praise and worship ministry at Mount Paran North Church of God and spends his weekends cheering for his kids at their sporting events.

Phone: (404)730-8564
Email: jbrisbane@newcomb-boyd.com
Collins Justin
Justin Collins, PE
Associate Principal, Commissioning Studio Director

Justin is at the forefront of commissioning services. While Justin doesn’t limit himself to a specific specialty, he has extensive experience in commissioning pharmacies, which can be applied to various other types of spaces. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Georgia, LEED Accredited, and a CETA Certified Professional for Sterile Compounding Facilities.

Phone: (404)730-8554
Email: jcollins@newcomb-boyd.com
Ziegler Justin
Justin Ziegler, PE
Associate Principal, Electrical Engineer

Justin plays a role in designing performing art centers that enrich culture within a community, hospitals that provide care for the sick, and research facilities that foster groundbreaking innovations.

Phone: (843)574-8732
Email: jziegler@newcomb-boyd.com
Kuipers Kris
Kris Kuipers, CTS-D, CTS-I
Associate Principal, Audio-Visual Consultant

Kris, an Audio-Visual Engineer, is a skilled problem solver and creative enthusiast. Specializing in theatrical systems and audio, he brings a unique user perspective to projects and is recognized as an expert in court technology systems. Described as energetic and passionate, Kris received a Presidential Volunteerism Award in 2013 for his work with the 501st Legion and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In his leisure time he enjoys diverse hobbies such as woodworking, brewing, and hosting parties.

Phone: (404)730-8532
Email: kkuipers@newcomb-boyd.com
Herrig Lynda
Lynda Herrig, PE
Associate Principal, Business Development Director

With a strategic way of thinking and an unshakable faith that everyone is connected, Lynda fits right into the role of Business Development Director. The Business Development team focuses on building relationships, making connections, and telling the stories of some of our projects that positively impact society — like the highly sustainable, patient-centric Winship Cancer Institute at Emory Midtown. She is excited about the opportunities in engineering regenerative, intelligent, and healthy buildings. Lynda believes the commitment to decarbonization in the private and public sectors has put us in a profound shift in the industry, and she is excited about the opportunity to help guide our clients on that path regardless of their timeframe.

Phone: (404)730-8461
Email: lherrig@newcomb-boyd.com
Azarraga Mark
Mark Azarraga, CPD
Associate Principal, Plumbing Engineer

Mark is a skilled Plumbing Engineer who embarked on his career journey with Newcomb & Boyd as a co-op. His responsibilities have included the design of more than 60 projects, including higher education, healthcare, laboratory, hospitality, and military facilities. He is conversant in the complex design of medical plumbing systems in hospitals, sustainable plumbing solutions, and food service plumbing systems in commercial kitchens. He loves being a part of an ever-changing industry and finding ways to be at the forefront of innovation.

Phone: (404)730-8596
Email: MAzarraga@newcomb-boyd.com
Eason Matt
Matt Eason, PE
Associate Principal, Electrical Studio Director

Electrical Studio Director, Matt, believes the key to building positive client relationships is staying available and responsive throughout the course of his projects. He approaches his work with the philosophy that consistency and learning to slow down allows for the best result. This, coupled with his ability to remain calm and look at things from multiple perspectives, drives him toward success. His propensity for logical thinking and his desire to build, make, and understand everything led him to pursue a career in engineering.

Phone: (404)730-8555
Email: meason@newcomb-boyd.com
Shirley Max
Max Shirley, RESET AP
Associate Principal, Intelligent Buildings Studio Director

Max is a strategist and consultant on our Intelligent Buildings team. He keeps his finger on the pulse of technology in the built environment, allowing him to specialize in holistic, high-level planning and the IT/OT infrastructure layer. As someone who thrives on innovation, Max’s goal is to not only monitor, vet, and champion new market trends and technologies, but also enable and promote a culture of innovation among our peers to move the industry forward.

Phone: (404)730-8528
Email: mshirley@newcomb-boyd.com
MacMahon Michael
Michael MacMahon
Associate Principal, Operational Technology Director

Michael specializes in building system technology, operational processes, and people. He is a technology generalist with a high aptitude for assimilating new technologies with old ones, creating innovative ways for people to benefit from their use. He views our intellectual property as the means to consistently deliver successful projects, as well as the opportunity to form long-term client relationships based on trust and integrity.

Phone: (734)489-6147
Email: mmacmahon@newcomb-boyd.com
Grant Rob
Rob Grant, PE
Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer

Rob has been responsible for the Mechanical Engineering design of more than 60 projects, including higher education buildings, healthcare facilities, and military projects, totaling more than 6,800,000 square feet.

Phone: (404)730-8432
Email: rgrant@newcomb-boyd.com
Prater Ryan
Ryan Prater, PE
Associate Principal, Electrical Engineer

As an experienced Electrical Engineer, Ryan is skilled in the design of government facilities, healthcare buildings, and laboratories. He is proficient in power distribution, lighting controls, arc flash studies, and emergency backup systems. Additionally, Ryan is affiliated with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. In his free time, he enjoys working on home projects, kayaking, and spending time at the beach.

Phone: (843)574-8735
Email: rprater@newcomb-boyd.com
Lizzio Sal
Sal Lizzio, PE
Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer

Sal began his Mechanical Engineering profession as a co-op with Newcomb & Boyd. He appreciates the impact his work has on society, whether it be hospitals where doctors work to save lives, labs where scientists conduct some of the world’s most important research, or city centers bustling with activity of communities. Sal looks forward to seeing project sustainability goals we may consider to be insurmountable today become standard practice.

Phone: (404)730-8527
Email: slizzio@newcomb-boyd.com
Lawlor Shane
Shane Lawlor, PE
Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer

Driven by an unwavering passion for the construction industry, Shane thrives in collaborative teams that shape impactful spaces, with a particular focus on healthcare environments. As a Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer, Shane specializes in controls utilizing innovative solutions to elevate client system operations. He approaches the distinctive features of each project with an unyielding determination to develop tailored solutions. Shane finds ease in the outdoors and enjoys fly fishing and camping.

Phone: (404)730-8475
Email: slawlor@newcomb-boyd.com
Hayne Steve
Steve Hayne
Associate Principal, Aviation Director

An expert in the design of efficient, user-friendly, safe airports, Aviation Director, Steve Hayne knows that the aviation industry is ever-changing and is at the forefront of technology. Steve is particularly excited about a new process in use on the Concourse D Widening project at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where finished modules are built off-site before installation, resulting in minimal delay and impact on the airport operations. With the ability to see things in three dimensions and to fully understand all the implications of a design, Steve is skilled in planning for impacts on existing facility operations, project schedule, and most importantly, project cost.

Phone: (404)730-8431
Email: shayne@newcomb-boyd.com
Wiggins Steve
Steve Wiggins
Associate Principal, Commissioning Studio Director

Commissioning Studio Director, Steve, is an expert in optimizing building operations. His work involves commissioning, retrocommissioning, and operations and training activities for educational, research, cultural, healthcare, and workplace projects. Steve has been responsible for more than 180 projects. Widely published and a sought-after speaker, he often teaches certification seminars for commissioning and retrocommissioning professionals. Whether a complex facility on a healthcare campus, in academia or private industry, or on a military base, Steve has expertise in making buildings perform at their best.

Phone: (404)730-8427
Email: swiggins@newcomb-boyd.com
Wolf Trevor
Trevor Wolf, PE
Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer

With years of experience in the design and construction industry, Trevor has designed mechanical systems for more than 30 projects, including higher education, workplace, and healthcare facilities.

Phone: (404)730-8467
Email: twolf@newcomb-boyd.com
Lord Vince
Vince Lord, PE
Associate Principal, Electrical Technical Director

In his role as Electrical Technical Director, Vince aims to create a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability through innovation, teamwork, and technical proficiency. Vince believes engineers must stay up to date with the latest technological advancements, industry trends, and design methodologies. He has found that it is crucial to read industry publications, attend webinars and seminars from professional organizations, and network with vendors, manufacturers, and industry peers. Through training programs, mentorship, and quality assurance efforts, Vince aligns technical excellence with strategic objectives to assist our project teams in delivering exceptional results.

Phone: (404)730-8547
Email: vlord@newcomb-boyd.com
Tanner Walter
Walter Tanner, CPD
Associate Principal, Plumbing Studio Director

Walter has over 30 years of Plumbing Design and Project Management experience for commercial and institutional projects. His experience includes more than 250 projects for new and renovated facilities. Walter has great expertise in the complexities of plumbing design for campuses, including those for higher education, workplace, healthcare, aviation and governmental clients.

Phone: (404)730-8509
Email: wtanner@newcomb-boyd.com
Duncan Will
Will Duncan, PE
Associate Principal, HVAC Technical Director

Will’s knowledgebase includes specialization in CEP design and upgrades. He believes we are experiencing a pivotal time in the HVAC industry and is excited about decarbonization and the paradigm shift it brings for technology in our design approach. Will jokes that, as a third-generation engineer, he inherited his career, but in reality, he feels fortunate to find a profession that aligns with his skills. He understands that our business is service, and our value is in our people.

Phone: (404)730-8453
Email: rduncan@newcomb-boyd.com