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Bare Adam
Adam Bare, PE

As a Mechanical Engineer, Adam has experience in project management and partner-in-charge responsibilities on more than 330 projects, with an emphasis on healthcare and higher education. He has presented and published on healthcare and scientific research topics, especially noting the complexities of HVAC system planning and design in such environments. Through listening to the needs of clients and owners, keeping an eye on the big picture, and maintaining open communication, Adam provides sound advice and delivers on his promises.

Phone: (404)730-8448
Email: abare@newcomb-boyd.com
Chandler David
David Chandler, PE

As a Partner, David supports the team both internally and externally, to ensure the client’s goals are met. David is an expert in the design of healthcare facilities and keeps in mind everyone who will come into contact with the hospitals and care spaces he works on, from the facility maintenance staff and clinical staff to the patients and their families. He has also spoken at international conferences on designing healthcare and lab spaces. Maximizing comfort and minimizing disruption drives his work.

Phone: (404)730-8552
Email: dchandler@newcomb-boyd.com
Walker Donald
Donny Walker, PE, RCDD

Donny leads our Special Technologies Group and has a multitude of experience designing intelligent buildings and technologically sophisticated campuses. His background is in integrated design with network-enabled systems. Projects include aviation facilities, healthcare buildings, judicial facilities, advanced technology developments, military installations, data centers, mixed-use developments, performing arts, and higher education facilities. He is an intelligent buildings industry thought-leader and project facilitatorand has presented on Smart Building design at many national conferences.

Phone: (404)730-8521
Email: dwalker@newcomb-boyd.com
Johnson Greg
Greg Johnson, PE

As a Partner, Greg is passionate about serving our owners and architectural clients and assisting them in identifying and achieving their goals. Listening to and truly caring about the client’s goal is at the heart of Greg’s work. He is simultaneously proud and humbled to be a part of the teams that take ideas and turn them into reality, be it a children’s hospital, a higher education building, a research lab, or any other number of facilities. Greg has spoken nationally about sustainability and lab design, in addition to publishing several articles on these topics. He brings his goal-oriented mindset to all areas of life, and has run ten marathons and completed five Ironman triathlons.

Phone: (404)730-8465
Email: gjohnson@newcomb-boyd.com
Linde Jeff
Jeff Linde, PE

Jeff’s extensive experience in working on research laboratory projects, particularly those located on college campuses highlights his expertise in this specialized field. His involvement in these projects over the years has provided him with a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges associated with research laboratory design. What stands out about Jeff is his genuine belief that the buildings he designs have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Phone: (404)730-8473
Email: jlinde@newcomb-boyd.com
Kitchens Paul
Paul Kitchens, PE

Paul is a Mechanical Engineer and passionate about working to ensure the serviceability of our systems. He is particularly knowledgeable of BIM and ventilation systems. He appreciates the knowledge he’s gained from owners over the years and enjoys the opportunity to never stop learning. He finds it especially gratifying when a project closes, and the team’s careful coordination allows the architecture to shine.

Phone: (919)783-8965
Email: pkitchens@newcomb-boyd.com
Dozier Ricky
Ricky Dozier, PE

Ricky spends most of his time working with our team to ensure that projects are designed and built with the client’s best interests in mind. He understands that the success of the firm is dependent on our capacity to form long-term relationships through a service mindset. Ricky has a wide range of project experience that helps him view things from a unique perspective, particularly in the realm of higher education. He has developed a strong reputation as reliable, intelligent, and honest.

Phone: (404)730-8494
Email: rdozier@newcomb-boyd.com
Mowinski Todd
Todd Mowinski, PE

With experience in mechanical engineering design, project management, and partner-in-charge responsibilities on over 270 facilities, Todd is an expert in higher education and lab facilities. He has presented to international conferences on sustainability in HVAC design and has also published on the topic. Todd continues to be inspired by the experts in the field he works with. That, along with his wholehearted belief that he is making a difference in the world through the work he does, keeps him pushing forward. Todd is the president of the I2SL Georgia Chapter and a guest lecturer of a graduate-level architecture class at Georgia Tech. In his free time, Todd enjoys brewing beer and working on his jeep. He is also the Scoutmaster of his sons’ Boy Scouts troop – and he borrows his personal motto from the old campsite adage: “leave it better than you found it.”

Phone: (404)730-8485
Email: tmowinski@newcomb-boyd.com