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Auburn University Academic Classroom and Laboratory Complex and Dining Facility

The ACLC houses modern learning spaces, interdisciplinary labs, administrative areas, and dining. LEED Gold certified

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We're your guide on your smart building journey, turning data into action, crossing silos, and empowering you to control your organization’s destiny in the built environment.

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Empowerment of property owners is at the forefront of innovation. Owners today demand the ability to govern their data, control their destinies, and flexibly adapt to new technologies rather than being anchored to obsolete systems.

With the advent of smart building solutions, we provide the tools that enable owners to take command of their buildings’ operational data. This empowerment is not just about better managing the building environment but also about crafting a future-ready platform where decisions are informed, strategic, and responsive to changes.

Our intelligent building solutions thrive at the intersection of diverse systems—where IT meets facilities management, and where real estate strategy aligns with overarching brand values. By crossing traditional silos, our systems allow for a seamless interaction between various building components. This integrative approach fosters an ecosystem where stakeholders don’t just coexist but collaborate. Such synergy enhances efficiency, drives down operational costs, and boosts overall building performance.


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Norfolk Southern Headquarters

Norfolk Southern

Smart systems, acoustics, security, and lighting for a corporate HQ, including retail, parking, amenities and childcare.

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