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Askew Amanda
Amanda Askew, CPD, GPD
Senior Associate, Plumbing Engineer

Amanda, a Plumbing Engineer, excels in designing efficient and reliable systems. Her expertise extends to medical gas systems for healthcare spaces and plumbing systems for high-rise complexes like residential buildings and hotels. She prioritizes building expertise in her field through continuous education and stays abreast of the latest developments. Known for consistently prioritizing the interests of others, Amanda fosters a collaborative and supportive work environment. Beyond her professional commitments, she is passionate about volunteering and giving back to her community.

Phone: (404)730-8586
Email: aaskew@newcomb-boyd.com
Strack Andrew
Andrew Strack, PE, CFPS
Senior Associate, Fire Protection Engineer

Andrew earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and furthered his academic achievement by obtaining his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. Andrew currently serves as a Professional Fire Protection Engineer and leads the team in fire suppression and fire alarm systems design.

Phone: (404)730-8483
Email: astrack@newcomb-boyd.com
Norrington Ashley
Ashley Norrington
Senior Associate, Administrative Resources Manager

Ashley leads the Administrative Resources team, oversees diverse responsibilities, including managing licensing and registrations for the firm. Ashley takes a hands-on approach to specialty projects and client interface. Additionally, she recently joined the Society for Design Administration (SDA), showcasing her commitment to professional development and industry collaboration. In her free time, Ashley enjoys gardening and antiquing.

Phone: (404)730-8536
Email: anorrington@newcomb-boyd.com
Humphries Bennett
Bennett Humphries, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, Bennett draws inspiration from the synergy of collaborative teamwork and the gratification of witnessing his designs come to life. His sense of accomplishment is most profound when crafting unique solutions for intricate buildings. Bennett is proficient in design for outpatient surgery and clinical spaces, as well as in the specialized realm of athletic facilities. Beyond the technical aspects of his career, Bennett’s professional journey is underscored by creating lasting connections and ensuring each project aligns seamlessly with the vision and needs of the clients. As an avid outdoorsman, Bennett finds joy in hunting and fishing.

Phone: (919)881-3175
Email: bhumphries@newcomb-boyd.com
Hanson Beth Ann
Beth Ann Hanson, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Beth Ann graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Her project experience is vast and crosses multiple market sectors including adaptive re-use, higher education, healthcare, and workplace.

Phone: (404)730-8571
Email: bhanson@newcomb-boyd.com
Nevin Brandon
Brandon Nevin
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Brandon, an experienced Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer, boasts extensive expertise across a spectrum of building types, including healthcare and higher education projects. His dedication to continuous learning and a broad project exposure makes him a valuable asset to project teams. During his college years, Brandon’s hands-on experience as a carpenter, building houses, laid the foundation for his understanding of construction. His affinity for renovation work has evolved, and now he channels his skills towards crafting smaller home pieces, such as shelving and tables, showcasing his commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Phone: (919)784-9192
Email: bnevin@newcomb-boyd.com
Westergaard Brandon
Brandon Westergaard, INCE-USA
Senior Associate, Acoustical Consultant

Brandon is an experienced Acoustical Consultant, beginning his journey with Newcomb & Boyd as an intern. His role seamlessly merges his passions for music and engineering to deliver designs that elevate our daily environments and how we experience them. With a unique background in engineering, music technology, and acoustics, Brandon brings a distinctive perspective to his work, which he views as a harmonious blend of art and science. Projects across fine arts, audio and video production, government, higher education, corporate office, and other sectors showcase his technical proficiency in room acoustics, sound isolation, and mechanical system noise control. Likewise, his emphasis on practicality, willingness to educate, and attention to detail make him a valuable design partner and team member. Understanding the profound impact of the built environment on occupants’ wellbeing, he contributes significantly to enhancing the quality of spaces through creative and impactful acoustic design.

Phone: (404)730-8466
Email: bwestergaard@newcomb-boyd.com
Ruggieri Carly
Carly Ruggieri
Senior Associate, Sustainability Consultant

Carly, a Sustainability Consultant, has experience working on a number of facility types, including complex corporate campuses, educational, military, and office buildings. In her free time, Carly loves to surf and garden. She earned her B.S. in Environmental Science with am emphasis in Urban Land Use from the University of Michigan and joined Newcomb & Boyd in 2022.

Phone: (404)730-8546
Email: CRuggieri@newcomb-boyd.com
Ngengwe Claire
Claire Ngengwe
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Claire is a Mechanical Engineer that excels across various trades, specializing in kitchen and dormitory design. Joining the industry with the aim of learning and growing, she appreciates the collaborative and hardworking environment that her team brings to each project. Two of Claire’s favorite pastimes include reading fiction novels and watching the Kansas City Chiefs win.

Phone: (919)784-9170
Email: cngengwe@newcomb-boyd.com
Campbell Corey
Corey Campbell, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Corey is an Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in healthcare and is well-versed in the unique requirements and challenges of this industry. Above technical expertise and project costs, Corey believes that clients often choose a company they like working with and trust. He strives to embody those attributes and build strong relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction and trust in the company’s capabilities.

Phone: (404)730-8531
Email: ccampbell@newcomb-boyd.com
Joiner Dale
Dale Joiner
Senior Associate, Information Technology Manager

Dale, an experienced IT Manager, graduated from Mercer University with a Master of Business Administration. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and boating.

Phone: (404)730-8430
Email: djoiner@newcomb-boyd.com
Yohe Devin
Devin Yohe, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Devin, a Mechanical Engineer, specializes in higher education and healthcare facilities with significant experience in campus infrastructure including chiller and boiler plants. His focus on developing controls sequences, sizing equipment, and designing large-scale central mechanical systems showcases his technical prowess. Devin has always enjoyed a challenge, in fact, in high school he made three TV appearances for his hometown’s High-Q quiz show.

Phone: (404)730-8567
Email: DYohe@newcomb-boyd.com
Murphy Ed
Ed Murphy
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Ed earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Georgia Southern University. His work includes mechanical systems design, identification of energy conservation measures (ECMs), and computing energy savings for potential ECMs. His market sectors include adaptive re-use, workplace, higher education, and healthcare.

Phone: (404)730-8470
Email: emurphy@newcomb-boyd.com
Curry James
James Curry, PMP
Senior Associate, Intelligent Buildings Consultant

James is an Intelligent Buildings Consultant. One of James’ key focuses is on cyber security, as it plays a crucial role in modern Building Controls Upgrade projects. He strives to be seen as responsive, intelligent, and reliable by his clients, believing that intelligence enhances products and services, responsiveness drives client engagement, and reliability fosters long-term relationships.

Phone: (404)730-8428
Email: jcurry@newcomb-boyd.com
Akers John
John Akers, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, John has extensive knowledge of project management and the design of building mechanical systems from preliminary design through construction completion. His experience includes sports facilities, convention centers, laboratories, healthcare facilities, as well as projects within the correctional, aviation, commercial, and military sectors. John’s design experience includes many types of HVAC systems, building automation and energy management systems, cogeneration, central plants, thermal storage systems and heat recovery systems. In his free time, John enjoys playing music and camping.

Phone: (404)730-8421
Email: jakers@newcomb-boyd.com
Walker Josh
Josh Walker, RCDD, ECSE-A
Senior Associate, Communications Consultant

Josh specializes in building technology infrastructure. His impressive list of credentials includes Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), ECSE Eakhau Advanced Wireless Design Certified, and ECSE-D Eakhau Advanced Wireless Design Certified, along with his affiliation with BICSI. Josh’s commitment to honesty, straightforwardness, and correctness underscores his reliability and trustworthiness as a professional. These qualities are especially crucial when dealing with complex technology projects where precision and accuracy are paramount to meet client needs effectively.

Phone: (404)730-8534
Email: jwalker@newcomb-boyd.com
Abebe Kidane
Kidane Abebe, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Kidane is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in the design of mechanical systems. He has worked in project management and design for more than 100 higher education and healthcare projects. Kidane was named a Senior Associate in 2021. Outside of work he enjoys playing tennis, volleyball, and riding his mountain bike.

Phone: (404)730-8469
Email: kabebe@newcomb-boyd.com
Parker Lucas
Lucas Parker
Senior Associate, Communications Consultant

Lucas is a specializes as a security and communications consultant. Notably, Lucas is cross trained in all low voltage systems, showcasing his versatility in dealing with a range of technologies. What sets Lucas apart is his proud connection to four generations in the construction industry. This deep-rooted involvement in the construction field likely provides him with a unique perspective and a rich understanding of the industry’s evolution over time.

Phone: (404)730-8480
Email: lparker@newcomb-boyd.com
Bumgardner Luke
Luke Bumgardner, PE
Senior Associate, Commissioning Professional

Luke has over 3 years of experience in optimizing building operations and performance. He has experience with healthcare, government, and laboratory facilities.

Phone: (404)730-8417
Email: lbumgardner@newcomb-boyd.com
Holland Matt
Matt Holland, RCDD
Senior Associate, Communications Consultant

Matt is an experienced Communications Consultant and project manager. He has expertise in communications infrastructure, grounding systems, equipment rooms, and data centers. Matt is proficient in Revit, CAD, and Navisworks.

Phone: (404) 436-2998
Email: MHolland@newcomb-boyd.com
Lawson Matt
Matt Lawson, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer, Matt’s motto is “safety first”; he is driven by the belief that safety is paramount in his designs and receives satisfaction knowing the systems he’s designed are safe for operators. Matt is particularly knowledgeable in electrical studies, including arc flash and coordination. His passion for problem solving means you can find him most weekends doing various repairs; when he isn’t engaged in fixing things around the house, he enjoys woodworking.

Phone: (404)730-8551
Email: mlawson@newcomb-boyd.com
Turk Matthew
Matthew Turk
Senior Associate, Intelligent Buildings Consultant

As an Intelligent Building Consultant, Matthew empowers owners and building operators by simplifying real estate management and elevating occupant experiences. He is an expert in crafting interoperable designs including robust and secure networks that facilitate the seamless exchange of data across various building systems. Matthew’s passion extends to developing comprehensive strategies for sustainable metering, system monitoring, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) platforms, cybersecurity, and data governance. In his free time, Matthew channels his creativity into woodworking, evident in the custom furniture that graces his home.

Phone: (404)730-8549
Email: mturk@newcomb-boyd.com
Brown Mike
Mike Brown
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Mike is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive leadership and project management experience. His experience spans numerous industries but focuses heavily on healthcare, laboratory, and corporate market sectors where he uses a collaborative service approach to provide his clients with robust, cost effective, and innovative design solutions, keeping the user experience at the forefront.

Email: MBrown@newcomb-boyd.com
Holcombe Miles
Miles Holcombe
Senior Associate, Security Consultant

Miles is a Security Consultant with a lifelong interest in building and a true enjoyment in his work to keep people as safe as possible. He specializes in high-rise building electronic security and site protection assessments and brings his excellent organizational and design skills into everything he does. You can find him either in his garden or in his favorite reading chair with a history book on any given weekend, unless he is running a 5K in support of a local cause. His personal motto? “It only takes a small stone to slay a giant.”

Phone: (404)730-8450
Email: mholcombe@newcomb-boyd.com
Costley Mitch
Mitch Costley, PhD, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Mitch is a seasoned Electrical Engineer, whose expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, including short circuit analysis, selective coordination, arc flash studies, engineering forensics, and custom testing, His focal point lies in emergency power systems and power system studies, where his reputation is built on being recognized for his meticulous and thorough approach to his profession. Mitch’s expertise is not only extensive but also deeply valued within the industry. In his spare time, Mitch enjoys rock climbing and playing guitar.

Phone: (404)730-8550
Email: mcostley@newcomb-boyd.com
Margo Moses
Moses Magro
Senior Associate, Director Design Technoloy

Moses is the Director of Design Technology at Newcomb & Boyd with expertise in BIM and the overall digital delivery and production of the industry. He specializes in BIM management, automation, and digital transformation. He has successfully implemented BIM adoption and digital transition programs for a number of AEC firms, including creating best-in-class training programs from scratch for Revit and BIM onboarding processes.

Phone: (404)596-4076
Email: MMagro@newcomb-boyd.com
Efird Nick
Nick Efird, PE, CPD
Senior Associate, Plumbing Engineer

Nick, a Plumbing Engineer who began as a co-op, has designed a range of commercial buildings since the start of his time here, including hospitals, labs, and office buildings. Nick is responsible for all the “guts” of the building: the ductwork, plumbing piping, electrical conduit, and more. He has special expertise designing systems for labs and healthcare buildings, specifically in understanding what is needed from a med/lab gas perspective.

Phone: (404)730-8403
Email: nefird@newcomb-boyd.com
Rehbaum Nick
Nick Rehbaum, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Nick enjoys working with the entire project team of owners, architects, and consultants, and has a strong understanding of construction coordination. He spends much of his time communicating with clients to understand their needs and strategizing on the best approach to solve challenges. Building a relationship based on client satisfaction is top of mind for Nick. His approach is based on hard work, responsiveness, and trustworthiness.

Phone: (843)574-8739
Email: nrehbaum@newcomb-boyd.com
Eggleston Noah
Noah Eggleston, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Noah is a Mechanical Engineer who focuses on the commercial and mixed-use market segments. He spends most of his time communicating and coordinating with architects and other engineering professionals to ensure that everyone works together to achieve a great end product. He appreciates the collaborative atmosphere of the firm, and his clients appreciate his friendly and helpful demeanor.

Phone: (404)730-8439
Email: neggleston@newcomb-boyd.com
LaBrecque Patrick
Patrick LaBrecque
Senior Associate, Commissioning Professional

Patrick has over 25 years of experience in domestic and international electrical construction, maintenance, and commissioning. His wide range of expertise includes time as an electrical inspector and shock investigator for the Department of Defense during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is also an experienced project manager and commission agent in the construction, automotive, steel and data center industries. He was named Associate of the firm in 2021 and Senior Associate in 2022.

Phone: (810) 240-8829
Email: plabrecque@newcomb-boyd.com
Mihalik Patrick
Patrick Mihalik, LC, Assoc. IALD
Senior Associate, Lighting Designer

Patrick is an Architectural Lighting Designer who enhances space with light. He helps manage projects, set client expectations, and uses his industry knowledge to help make designs a reality. Patrick loves the flexibility of the firm and the diversity of projects. He believes in being honest and managing expectations, all while finding ways to support and enhance the architect’s vision.

Phone: (404)730-8495
Email: pmihalik@newcomb-boyd.com
Maximuk Paul
Paul Maximuk
Senior Associate, Intelligent Buildings Consultant

Paul is an ambassador for smart building technology and data enablement for facility operations. He is an expert at merging existing and new building technologies to improve operational efficiencies utilizing building data to support decision making. His specialties include building operations, automated controls, IT networking and software integration. Paul is a visionary and a mentor, adept at building strong business relationships based on trust.

Phone: (734)743-2691
Email: pmaximuk@newcomb-boyd.com
Fox Pete
Pete Fox, PE
Senior Associate, Commissioning Professional

Pete has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction industry. He has a wide range of experience in mechanical engineering design, project management and commissioning of commercial and institutional projects. While with the firm, Pete has been responsible for more than 60 projects. Whether commissioning buildings on large campuses for higher education, governmental, office or healthcare clients, he has significant expertise in enabling buildings to function at their best.

Phone: (404)730-8437
Email: pfox@newcomb-boyd.com
Schroeder Robert
Robby Schroeder, III, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Robby, an Electrical Engineer and Team Leader, has expertise designing systems in the corporate, educational, healthcare, and science sectors. His passion for building stereo systems growing up led him to study electrical engineering. When he isn’t spending his free time on the golf course, he can be found woodworking.

Email: RSchroeder@newcomb-boyd.com
Lontoc Robert
Robert Lontoc, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Robert is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in mechanical engineering design and project management for institutional projects, including higher education campuses. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Robert is a current member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc). When he isn’t at work, Robert enjoys playing soccer.

Phone: (404)730-8440
Email: rlontoc@newcomb-boyd.com
Wyche Rodney
Rodney Wyche
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Rodney has 16 years of experience in the design of electrical systems. He has been responsible for electrical engineering of more than 50 projects, including those for healthcare facilities. He has extensive technical knowledge of power distribution systems and equipment, as well as electrical project estimating.

Phone: (404)730-8523
Email: rwyche@newcomb-boyd.com
Haldar Ronnie
Ronnie Haldar
Senior Associate, High Performance Energy Modeler

Ronnie has 5 years of experience and is skilled in the development of energy models for new and renovated facilities. His expertise includes numerous projects, including workplace and higher education facilities. While in graduate school, Ronnie created a conceptual design for a future shared Living Manufacturing Facility to be located on the Resource Innovation Campus, owned by the City of Phoenix. Throughout his career, Ronnie has demonstrated an adeptness with various design software, including Trane Trace, EnergyPlus, Rhinoceros+Gasshopper as well as knowledge of programming in C++ & Python and parametric analysis.

Phone: (404)730-8569
Email: shaldar@newcomb-boyd.com
Sabu Shweta
Shweta Sabu, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

As an Electrical Engineer Shweta excels in deciphering the complexities of power management in existing buildings to make crucial decisions regarding metering. When faced with the challenge of powering a new construction, she is adept at finding the most cost-effective solutions for distributing power efficiently. Beyond her technical expertise, Shweta is widely regarded for her professional demeanor, kindness, and approachability, establishing her as a dependable and knowledgeable expert among colleagues and clients in the field. Outside of the workplace, Shweta enjoys trying new cuisines and baking.

Phone: (404)730-8451
Email: ssabu@newcomb-boyd.com
Chertin Stas
Stas Chertin, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Stas is a Mechanical Engineer with substantial experience in mechanical engineering design and project management of commercial and institutional facilities. He has been responsible for more than 120 projects and has extensive experience in the mechanical engineering design of projects on densely populated campuses, whether for public or private sector projects. Stas is a member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc).

Phone: (404)730-8477
Email: schertin@newcomb-boyd.com
Nafziger Stephanie
Stephanie Nafziger
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Stephanie, an Electrical Engineer, believes in designing energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly buildings that prioritize the well-being of occupants. Raised in an engineering family, Stephanie was taught to be solution-focused and seeks ways to improve the world. Outside of work, she dedicates her time to volunteering, particularly with youth development organizations like Boy With A Ball, where she contributes to programs promoting positive community impact. Stephanie also enjoys outdoor activities and home improvement projects in her leisure time.

Phone: (404)730-8476
Email: SNafziger@newcomb-boyd.com
Callaway Stephen
Stephen Callaway, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Stephen began his Electrical Engineering career as a co-op student with Newcomb & Boyd. His portfolio includes higher education buildings, workplace, and healthcare facilities. Beyond his professional achievements, he holds the prestigious title of Eagle Scout. In his free time, he enjoys engineering, producing and listening to music.

Phone: (404)730-8594
Email: scallaway@newcomb-boyd.com
Snyder Stephen
Stephen Snyder, CPD
Senior Associate, Plumbing Engineer

Stephen began as a Plumbing Co-op in 2014. With years of experience designing plumbing systems, Stephen is skilled in analyzing the needs of a variety of facility types and functions.

Phone: (404)730-8474
Email: ssnyder@newcomb-boyd.com
Covin Tyler
Tyler Covin
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, Tyler loves to craft solutions for highly sustainable buildings. He has particular expertise with design/build projects for military and federal clients. A dedicated team player, Tyler actively participates in every phase of the project lifecycle, maintaining engagement from initial design to the final occupation. In his free time, Tyler enjoys watching and playing sports.

Phone: (404)730-8496
Email: tcovin@newcomb-boyd.com
Bradley Zach
Zach Bradley, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Zach, who began his career with Newcomb & Boyd as a Mechanical Engineering co-op student, is a Project Manager specializing in the design of cutting-edge, energy-efficient, and safe laboratories. Committed to delivering high-quality solutions for his clients, Zach strives to be responsive and helpful at all times. Outside of the office, Zach enjoys playing the drums and fishing.

Phone: (404)730-8580
Email: ZBradley@newcomb-boyd.com