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Jackson Adam
Adam Jackson
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, Adam stands out for his proficiency in crafting innovative solutions. His dedication to excellence is evident in his approach to quality control, accurate calculations, and detailed construction drawings. Having started as a co-op student, Adam values the chance to mentor emerging engineers within the firm and has an integral role recruiting quality candidates for the co-op program. Specializing in hospital steam systems, laboratory ventilation systems, and chilled beam design, Adam ensures top-tier sterile processing, heating, and air quality solutions for these critical spaces. Beyond his work at Newcomb & Boyd, Adam’s passions extend to cooking, winemaking, and soccer, having traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a youth to participate in exhibition matches against local clubs.

Phone: (404)730-8566
Email: ajackson@newcomb-boyd.com
Stokes Adam
Adam Stokes
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Adam is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in the design of complex systems for a variety of commercial buildings, including healthcare facilities, laboratories, courthouses, and sports facilities. In his leisure time, Adam indulges his passion for music by playing and working on guitars and amplifiers. He also enjoys concerts & sporting events and channels his creativity into cooking.

Phone: (404)730-8579
Email: astokes@newcomb-boyd.com
Marshall Albert
Albert Marshall
Associate, Plumbing Designer

With years of experience designing plumbing systems, Albert has been responsible for more than 70 projects, including healthcare facilities, military bases, office buildings, industrial facilities, learning centers, senior and retirement facilities, apartment complexes, and environmental centers.

Phone: (404)730-8501
Email: amarshall@newcomb-boyd.com
Marko Andrey
Andrey Marko
Associate, Communications Consultant

Andrey, a Communications Consultant and experienced BIM Specialist, has a demonstrated history in the design industry. Proficient in Revit, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Engineering, and AutoCAD, he brings a wealth of technical expertise to his work. Outside of his professional endeavors, Andrey enjoys golfing and the art of grilling in his spare time.

Phone: (404)730-8576
Email: amarko@newcomb-boyd.com
Persaud Chaitram
Chaitram Persaud, CPD, GPD
Associate, Plumbing Engineer

Chaitram earned his Associate of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from New York City College of Technology and is a plumbing engineer. His favorite quote is by John C. Maxwell – “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. He enjoys trips to Jamaica with his family and loves traveling anywhere in the Caribbean.

Phone: (404)730-8560
Email: cpersaud@newcomb-boyd.com
Sullins Chris
Chris Sullins
Associate, BIM Manager

BIM Manager Chris joined Newcomb & Boyd in 1999. He is an expert in computer software training, Navisworks, BIM coordination, and CAD.

Phone: (404)730-8490
Email: csullins@newcomb-boyd.com
Zirpoli Collin
Collin Zirpoli
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Collin has several years of practical experience designing mechanical systems for projects ranging from commercial office retrofits to LEED accredited mixed use high-rise construction. He always seeks to use his knowledge of sustainable building practices, ASHRAE standards, and LEED framework to bring the best possible design solutions to meet or exceed the needs of clients.

Phone: (404)730-8484
Email: czirpoli@newcomb-boyd.com
Jones Deanna
Deanna Jones
Associate, Business Development Professional

Deanna is a seasoned professional with a rich history in the construction industry, particularly for healthcare projects. Her focus on bringing people together, both in her personal and professional life, demonstrates her strong interpersonal skills and commitment to fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. Outside of work, Deanna enjoys backpacking, reading, and cherishing quality time with her family. Her passion for volunteering underscores her belief in the importance of giving back to the community.

Phone: (404)730-8492
Email: DJones@newcomb-boyd.com
Meyer George
George Meyer
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

George is unwaveringly committed to crafting sustainable mechanical engineering solutions that seamlessly align with a client’s strategic goals, all while prioritizing functionality. His unique blend of collaborative finesse and technical expertise empowers him to deliver mechanical solutions that precisely meet the needs of each project. Recognized for his reliability and innovative mindset, he approaches each endeavor with a passion for ongoing growth and a genuine commitment to contributing to new projects. George finds peace in his favorite hobby — bowling and managing our company bowling teams.

Phone: (404)730-8562
Email: gmeyer@newcomb-boyd.com
Marroquin Gladys
Gladys Marroquin, CTS-D
Associate, Audio-Visual Consultant

Gladys is an Audio-Visual Designer. Not only is she skilled in the design of systems, but Gladys also has experience as a Systems commissioning professional, including installation oversight, observation and documentation of base building infrastructure, on-site systems troubleshooting, and client training. Gladys has experience with higher education and workplace facilities.

Phone: (404)730-8544
Email: gmarroquin@newcomb-boyd.com
Macoy Healey
Healey Macoy, PE
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Healey, a Mechanical Engineer, embarked on her professional journey as a co-op student at Newcomb & Boyd. Her passion lies in designing mechanical systems, a sentiment she humorously encapsulates by claiming that HVAC stands for “Healey Values Air Conditioning.” Across diverse market sectors, Healey revels in the challenges that come with projects, particularly those involving complex acoustical requirements. Known for her boundless enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, Healey approaches her work with joy and a can-do attitude. Beyond her professional pursuits, she proudly carries on a family tradition as the fifth generation to graduate from the esteemed Georgia Institute of Technology.

Phone: (404)730-8506
Email: hmacoy@newcomb-boyd.com
Hewitt Henry
Henry Hewitt
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Henry encompasses a wealth of experience as a seasoned mechanical engineer and adept project manager. Specializing in lab buildings, his proficiency shines in system load calculations and equipment sizing, where he meticulously considers the thermodynamic characteristics of each space. With a joyful, considerate, and diligent approach, Henry fosters a collaborative and innovative team environment. Beyond his professional achievements, Henry finds enjoyment in reading and hiking.

Phone: (843)574-8743
Email: hhewitt@newcomb-boyd.com
San Fratello Jack
Jack San Fratello
Associate, Commissioning Professional

Jack is a commissioning professional who earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Georgia. He prides himself on being a problem solver. Some of his hobbies include working with tools, electronics, and audio equipment.

Phone: (404)730-8487
Email: jsanfratello@newcomb-boyd.com
Garrettson John
John Garretson
Associate, Acoustical Consultant

John, an Acoustical Consultant, has expertise that spans various sectors, including healthcare, K-12, higher education, hospitality, corporate, multi-family residential, and industrial. He is well-versed in architectural, environmental, and room acoustics. Additionally, his proficiencies include acoustical isolation, mechanical equipment noise and vibration control, field testing, and environmental noise measurement and modeling. John is dedicated to creating quality environments for people to live, work, and play, and he believes that acoustical considerations are essential in intelligently designing the built environment to impact people’s lives positively. Outside of work, he enjoys playing soccer, following Chicago sports, traveling, and on the weekends, you might find him relaxing on a lake.

Phone: (404)730-8572
Email: jgarretson@newcomb-boyd.com
Barringer Cook Kirsten
Kirsten Barringer-Cook
Associate, Acoustical Consultant

Kristen has extensive experience as a designer and consultant in architectural and environmental acoustics. Kirsten has particular expertise in the fields of education, worship and performing arts, retail and mixed-use, multifamily residential, athletic/sports facilities, hospitality, and film and recording. One of her significant areas of focus is on office tenant fit ups, particularly those pursuing sustainability credits like LEED and WELL.

Phone: (404)730-8460
Email: kbarringer-cook@newcomb-boyd.com
Bass Kylee
Kylee Bass
Associate, Project Accountant

As a Project Accountant, Kylee works closely with Project Managers, Partners, and Clients overseeing and addressing the financial needs of the organization.

Phone: (404)730-8419
Email: kbass@newcomb-boyd.com
Rafter Laura
Laura Rafter, PE
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Laura, a Mechanical Engineer, feels productive by knowing she designs systems that get built. She enjoys designing systems that get built. For Laura, an interest in engineering ran in the family. Both her parents hoped to become engineers, and Laura was able to see that dream through. She recalls enjoying doing mechanically inclined activities with her dad growing up, like working on her car. On the weekends, you can find her with her twin boys, either fishing and swimming at the creek or out exploring in the national forest.

Phone: (404)730-8511
Email: lrafter@newcomb-boyd.com
Joiner Lori
Lori Joiner
Associate, IT Technician

Throughout her career, Lori, an IT Technician, has helped others do their work better and more efficiently using technology. She is energized by finding solutions to problems and seeing them through to completion, successfully working on initiatives such as helping to secure $15 million in SPLOST funds for technology in classrooms during her over twenty-five years in the public sector. Her years of knowledge from collaborating with accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds – from federal judges to educators, and now to our own expert engineers – Lori uses her extensive skillset of management and strategic planning tools to aid our engineers day-in and day-out.

Phone: (404)730-8463
Email: ljoiner@newcomb-boyd.com
Dueitt Madeline
Madeline Dueitt
Associate, Plumbing Engineer

Madeline, a Plumbing Engineer, graduated Cum Laude from Auburn University with a degree in mechanical engineering and has significant experience designing plumbing systems for higher education buildings, corporate campuses, and healthcare facilities. In her spare time, she enjoys live music and stand-up comedy.

Phone: (404)730-8435
Email: mdueitt@newcomb-boyd.com
Saunders Matt
Matthew Saunders
Associate, Fire Protection Designer

Matt has 11 years of experience in the drafting and design of fire protection systems. His responsibilities have included fire alarm and fire protection systems for various corporations and higher education institutions. Matt also has experience as a drafter for residential and commercial projects.

Phone: (404)730-8514
Email: msaunders@newcomb-boyd.com
Burch Michael
Michael Burch, CTS, CTS-D
Associate, Audio-Visual Consultant

With 23 years of experience, Michael excels in the project management of multiple projects with overlapping design schedules, assisting clients in determining the best system for their needs and value engineering without compromising quality. His portfolio comprises judicial facilities, auditoriums, and event and meeting spaces.

Phone: (404)730-8591
Email: mburch@newcomb-boyd.com
Travers Nathan
Nathan Travers, PE
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Nathan exemplifies a passion for continuous learning and knowledge sharing as a mechanical engineer. He is deeply committed to delivering cost-effective, energy-efficient HVAC solutions while ensuring clients understand the rationale behind his designs. Nathan’s reputation is built on his approachable nature, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. Beyond his professional expertise, Nathan holds a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, showcasing discipline and determination. Additionally, he is an avid tennis player.

Phone: (919)783-8997
Email: ntravers@newcomb-boyd.com
Aktas Naz
Naz Aktas
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Naz designs mechanical systems for commercial buildings, primarily labs and hospitals. As a dedicated team member, she spends most of her time working on projects and communicating with our internal design team across all trades. She feels fortunate to have coworkers across all disciplines who push her to do her best every day as an engineer.

Phone: (404)730-8443
Email: naktas@newcomb-boyd.com
Schneider Nick
Nick Schneider, RCDD
Associate, Communications Consultant

Nick, a Communications Consultant, values collaborating with others to generate innovative solutions to complex problems. His deep understanding of TIA and BICSI standards allows him to provide robust and tailored solutions for each project. Nick, who began his career as a technician before becoming a communications consultant, finds it beneficial to envision how a system will be installed while he is designing. He has extensive knowledge about specialized research and medical labs, financial institutions, and courthouse technology design and implementation. He is an expert in fiber optic, wireless, and copper communications systems design and integration. His professional accomplishments include earning his RCDD at the age of 23. Genuine curiosity, empathy, and humility are a few of his deepest values.

Phone: (404)730-8500
Email: nschneider@newcomb-boyd.com
Paez Rafael
Rafael Paez, PE
Associate, Commissioning Professional

commissioning professional, Rafael, is an expert in the optimization of electrical systems. With an electrical engineer father and early exposure to electrical power distribution systems helping to foster his interest, it was natural that Rafael would pursue a similar career. He has gone on to graduate with a BSEE from Georgia Tech and earn his PE license in Georgia. His work is guided by a few key principles: “Be consistent. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Share the knowledge.”

Phone: (404)730-8618
Email: RPaez@newcomb-boyd.com
Seagreen Raury
Raury Seagreen, NICET
Associate, Fire Protection Engineer

Raury has over 9 years of experience in the design of fire protection systems for higher education, workplace, and healthcare facilities. Since the start of the year, he has contributed his expertise and been responsible for the design of over 20 projects.

Phone: (404)730-8520
Email: rseagreen@newcomb-boyd.com
Daniel Reade
Reade Daniel
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Reade has over 3 years of experience in mechanical engineering design for new and renovated projects. His expertise includes commercial and workplace facilities, as well as higher education projects.

Phone: (919)783-8973
Email: rdaniel@newcomb-boyd.com
Farmer Richard
Richard Farmer, PMP, CEM, CMVP, CEA, CBCP
Associate, Intelligent Buildings Consultant

Richard is an experienced Intelligent Building Consultant specializing in building automation, energy audits, energy savings, and smart buildings. He is on the Guideline 36 ASHRAE Committee and the Controls Description Language Committee. When he is not focusing on energy conscious designs, Richard enjoys spending time outdoors hunting and fishing.

Phone: (404)730-8418
Email: rfarmer@newcomb-boyd.com
Parks Shawn
Shawn Parks, SHRM-CP
Associate, Human Resources Manager

Shawn is a Human Resources Manager committed to crafting a premier employee experience. Focusing on organizational and team effectiveness, he ensures that employees are equipped with the resources needed for seamless daily operations and provides support for personal matters. Shawn’s areas of proficiency encompass employee relations, process improvement, and cultivating a positive organizational culture. Recognized for his honesty, helpfulness, and approachability, Shawn fosters a harmonious and productive work environment. Shawn is passionate about being a great father and loves playing baseball with his sons, Jaylen and Preston.

Phone: (404)730-8542
Email: sparks@newcomb-boyd.com
Wiggins Stephen
Stephen Wiggins
Associate, Commissioning Professional

Stephen has over a decade of experience as a commissioning professionals. His expertise includes Test & Balance, Retro-Commissioning, and Commissioning. He is also an experienced project manager and commission agent in the construction, military, healthcare, and data center industries. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports.

Phone: (404)730-8447
Email: scwiggins@newcomb-boyd.com
Linginfelter Susan
Susan Linginfelter
Associate, Business Development Professional

Susan serves as a member of the Business Development team and focuses on the workplace and mixed-use market sectors. She enjoys the collaborative nature of the firm and appreciates the internal support she receives from her colleagues. In her spare time, she enjoys all things related to interior design.

Phone: (404)730-8471
Email: slinginfelter@newcomb-boyd.com
Foutz Taylor
Taylor Foutz
Associate, Senior Marketing Coordinator

Senior Marketing Coordinator, Taylor, supports the marketing efforts for various projects and clients in the A/E/C industry. She not only leverages her own expertise but also nurtures the growth of the Marketing Coordinators while ensuring the punctual delivery of proposals.

Phone: (404)730-8493
Email: tfoutz@newcomb-boyd.com
Shrage Travis
Travis Schrage, PMP
Associate, Intelligent Buildings Consultant

Leveraging substantial experience in the building technology sector, Travis excels in implementing software solutions tailored for corporate real estate. His notable achievements include spearheading the deployment of a comprehensive smart building program encompassing energy management and fault detection and diagnostics for a remarkable portfolio of over 115 buildings. Travis is deeply passionate about strategic planning and operational technology implementation, fostering trusted advisor relationships and steering robust change management initiatives. An outdoorsman, Travis loves to spend his free time hiking or fly fishing.

Phone: (404)730-8588
Email: tschrage@newcomb-boyd.com
Shofner Vance
Vance Shofner, PE
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

For more than 23 years, Vance has been responsible for mechanical system design on educational, healthcare, research, and office building projects.

Phone: (404)730-8442
Email: vshofner@newcomb-boyd.com