acoustic mapping model

Acoustic Modeling Services

Acoustic modeling services are in high demand, with a range of organizations turning to Newcomb & Boyd and our expert acoustics teams. These modeling services involve the development and deployment of computational models to simulate, analyze, and optimize acoustic properties of various systems or environments.

One way we simulate sound systems is through creating Building 3-D acoustic models.

acoustics raytracing mock-up


Through raytracing in a church sanctuar, we follow and track sound propagation throughout a room to examine how sound reflects off surfaces, propagation time, and energy lost.

Acoustic Mapping

In a theatre space, we use mapping to project acoustical metrics onto room surfaces or areas of interest, like the audience space, to evaluate the room or loudspeaker performance.

acoustic mapping model
acoustics loudspeaker modeling models

Loudspeaker Modeling

Loudspeaker modeling and simulation aid in design and optimization of sound systems within a performing arts space.