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HVAC Design Approaches for Sustainable Laboratories

HVAC systems in a typical laboratory facility can use five to 10 times as much energy as the systems in a typical office building. This higher energy use is due to many factors, including 100 percent outside air systems, 24-hour-a-day operation, high internal heat gains, high air change rate requirements, equipment exhaust requirements, and high fan energy. With this significant energy use, the incentive for creative sustainable design grows—not only to create forward-thinking research spaces, but to maximize a lab’s ROI.

In this Lab Design News webinar, presented by our Partner, Greg Johnson, uncovers approaches to create sustainable laboratory systems. These approaches include broader categories and specific design features with examples. Included are not only direct HVAC items, but also how architectural design, laboratory planning, and operational decisions can impact savings. Greg also discusses future trends in sustainable design, including electrification and wellness design.

HVAC Design Lab Design Webinar