Welcome Wednesday: Tharkun Hudlow


Tharkun joins Newcomb & Boyd as an Electrical Engineer. He is originally from Dacula, Georgia and now lives in Marietta, Georgia. Tharkun is engaged to his fiancé, Molly, and has a dog named Bailey.

The farthest Tharkun has traveled from home was to Morrocco, and his favorite trip was to France. His ideal vacation would be to visit New Zealand.

Tharkun’s favorite movie is Interstellar, and his favorite show is Rick and Morty. Two podcasts he’s been binging are Jocko Unraveling and the Tooth and Claw.

If he could invite any guest to a dinner party, it would be Bill Murray. If he were stranded on a deserted island, he would bring matches and an espresso maker.

Tharkun is passionate about technology and is inspired by Elon Musk. He describes himself as fun-loving, loud, and easy-going.


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