From small local providers to large world-class hospitals, the Healthcare market requires a range of flexible solutions. A healthcare facility is essentially a sophisticated tool for healthcare providers to serve their patients. To meet the challenge of accelerating change in healthcare delivery, funding, technology, risks, codes and standards, and society’s health and wellness needs, Newcomb & Boyd’s experts bring a tailored, open and integrated approach to healthcare design.
While the ultimate goal of a healthcare facility is to provide optimal patient care, the specific needs for each facility can be quite different. As healthcare engineers, our primary role is to help the facility staff define those needs to support their near- and long-term operational goals. We design building systems that create environments for healing, and support operations with systems that are reliable, resilient, energy-efficient, intelligent, and easy to maintain. Throughout the planning and design processes, we look to reduce capital and operating costs, to maximize value using data-driven collaborative decision making.
Nothing compares to a healthcare facility with respect to its lifespan, the potential for future renovations, changes in space functions, 24/7 operations, and the direct connection to the health and safety of its occupants. Healthcare facility operators face significant challenges, including day-to-day operations, executing renovations on short schedules, and planning and executing major infrastructure and capital projects. Our approach is to partner with our Healthcare Owners and Clients as a long-term trusted advisor to help the facility staff across all facets of systems planning, design, and operations, to support the Owner in achieving their patient care goals.

Adam Bare, PE
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