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Newcomb & Boyd is honored to have been a part of The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design at Georgia Tech.
Through innovative thinking and technology, our team of engineers helped bring this one of a kind building to life. We welcome you to “The Regenerative Building Channel” where you can find all you ever wanted to know about the makings of one of the most sustainable buildings in the southeast.

About the Living Building Challenge

When The Kendeda Fund partnered with Georgia Tech to create the most environmentally advanced building in the Southeast, they embraced The Living Building Challenge, an aspirational program based on the idea that a building can be regenerative. Imagine a building as efficient as a flower, using just what it needs from its surroundings. A Living Building must produce more energy than it consumes. All water must be supplied by rainwater and all stormwater and water discharge must be treated onsite. Since compliance for certification is based on actual building performance, projects must be operational for twelve consecutive months.
GT Living Building

About the Kendeda Fund

The Kendeda Fund supports transformation. Their Southeast Sustainability programs push the boundaries of ecological design in the Southeastern United States to address deep-rooted market barriers to what is possible.
The Kendeda Fund set out to prove that a Living Building could indeed be built in a hot and humid climate and are using the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design to accelerate adoption of industry transforming design and construction lessons.

Engineering a Living Building

Establish an energy target and design a building to meet that target

Reduce the energy load and verify every design decision with energy modeling

Water usage requires as much scrutiny as energy, and must be aggressively reduced

Think about comfort and factors influencing comfort

Provide Intelligent Building Systems for metering, monitoring, data gathering, and analytics

In a Living Building everything does more than one thing

Solve the humidity problem for a Living Building in a hot and humid climate

Design and plan a 12-month performance period

Georgia Tech is in the business of creating the next — the next idea, the next technology, and the next legion of visionary leaders. Bound together by passion and skill, spurred by our imaginations, and rolling up our sleeves to get it done, our faculty, researchers, and students focus on solving the grand challenges of our time.

Videos & Events

The Kendeda Fund’s founder, Diana Blank, wanted to create largescale change for the climate. The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design is an aspirational project to show what is possible in creating the next.
Take a Virtual Tour of the Kendeda Building with the building director, Shan Arora.
Architectural Wonder, Regenerative Inspiration.

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The Engineers

Todd Mowinski, Partner

Todd Mowinski, PE

Donny Walker

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