Higher Education

At Newcomb & Boyd, we understand that Higher Education institutions often face challenges when providing students, faculty, and staff an environment that fosters innovation and learning in an ever-changing world. Our Higher Education experts create highly collaborative environments that embrace these rapid transformations in technology, pedagogy, and resiliency through purposeful, thoughtful design systems that work within your budget.

As engineers, we are empowered to solve complex infrastructure challenges, influence building system strategies, and accelerate intelligent, wellness-centered design towards a greener, more eco-friendly future. Over 175 leading colleges and universities have trusted our experts to develop high-performance building systems that meeting their campus sustainability goals and project budgets. Projects like the Georgia Institute of Technology’s carbon-neutral, regenerative Kendeda Building for Innovative and Sustainable Design showcase how we think of tomorrow when designing for today.

Using modeling, life cycle cost analysis for energy, and maintenance cost estimates, our solutions often result in significant operational savings for energy, water, and maintenance over a facility’s lifetime. Our solutions work to strike a dynamic balance between stakeholder needs, wants, and goals to provide the best value for the campus as a whole.

Greg Johnson, PE
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