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At Newcomb & Boyd, we make building health a priority.
We welcome you to “The Healthy Buildings Channel”, where you can find information about our healthy building consulting services, as well as research, articles, and presentations that are focused on building health.

Healthy Building Recognition Programs

Our Healthy Buildings team will help guide our clients through healthy building recognition programs, making the certification process seamless and straightforward.

What sets us apart:

Our integrated team includes consultants and licensed professional engineers that will provide the technical expertise necessary to provide technical guidance, suggestions, and documentation that contribute to achievement of healthy building certifications and standards.

Our consulting practice is focused on providing value to our clients beyond certification. Indoor Air Quality assessments, retro-commissioning, and intelligent building consulting are just some of the services we can provide.

Occupant satisfaction has a significant impact on a building’s true cost

Learn more about achieving health & wellness in the workplace and how Newcomb & Boyd guides you to certification.

COVID-19 Response

As a result of the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic, organizations like WELL, Fitwel, and RESET each developed a subsidiary framework that addresses health and wellbeing as it relates to the spread of contagious diseases within buildings.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating (WELL HSR) and Fitwel Viral Response Module (Fitwel VRM) provide annual, third-party certification of policies and practices to mitigate the spread of contagious diseases within buildings. These evidence-based rating systems have very low capital cost and are largely focused on operational policies, maintenance protocols, stakeholder engagement and emergency plans. They can be implemented and reviewed quickly (when compared to the full rating systems), allowing project owners to more quickly market achievement of the certification.

What sets us apart:

Our consultants and licensed professional engineers can perform assessments, calculations, and engineering consulting that contributes toward achievement of WELL Health-Safety Rating and Fitwel Viral Response Module certifications, eliminating the need for outside consultants and providing a more integrated and seamless certification process. Value add services for these rating systems are identified in the table.

Ventilation System Assessment


Air Treatment Inventory


Air Treatment Assessment


Humidity Control Strategy Recommendations


Legionella Management Plan Development


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Consulting


Recommendations for Hands-Free Operation


WELL and Fitwel Certifications

Our WELL APs and Fitwel Ambassadors can help guide our clients through these rating systems. This is done alongside our team of technical experts who can provide technical guidance, design services, and documentation necessary to achieve several WELL and Fitwel strategies
Mechanical Engineers

• Calculations and design for HVAC related requirements, like ventilation design and assessments, and enhanced supply air and filtration

• Thermal comfort design and analysis

Electrical Engineers and Lighting Designers

• Lighting design

• Electric light glare control and quality

• Daylighting design strategies

• Occupant lighting control

Acoustical Consultants

• The acoustical atmosphere can have a big impact on the occupant experience. The proper acoustical environment can help employees focus, provide speech privacy, limit stress-inducing noise, control background noise, and even help spaces feel more active. For WELL credits, our acoustical consultants can provide the calculations and recommendations to direct the design to meet the sound related goals and develop documentation for certification.

Intelligent Buildings Team

• Air quality monitoring design and product recommendations

• Occupant environmental controls (lighting, thermal comfort, etc.)

• Environmental measures display

• Mobile application integration


Energy and Sustainability Team

• Daylighting analysis and simulation

• Evaluation of energy impacts

• Integration of renewable energy




RESET Air is a continuous monitoring and communication standard for indoor air quality targeting human health. To achieve RESET certification, we will team our sustainability, healthy buildings, and intelligent buildings specialists to help you assess the performance of your built environment, empower you to make improvements and communicate to occupants that their daily environment is actively monitored.

Our team will:


The WELL Health-Safety Seal

Places Matter for Human Health

Resource Library

The Team

Todd Mowinski, Partner

Todd Mowinski, PE

Brendan Gardes

Brendan Gardes, PE, CEM, WELL AP

Richey, Danna

Danna Lopez Richey, PE, WELL AP

Jessica Clements, Associate Partner

Jessica Clements, INCE-USA

Mihalik, Patrick

Patrick Mihalik, LC, Assoc. IALD

Max Shirley, RESET AP

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