Welcome Wednesday: Reade Daniel


Reade Daniel joins Newcomb & Boyd’s Consulting Engineering Group as a Mechanical Engineer with the Raleigh office. Reade earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in May of 2019.

Originating from Pittsboro, NC, Reade resides in Apex, NC with his recently rescued, nine-week-old Beagle.

In his free time, Reade enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and golf, and outdoor activities, such as hunting and offshore fishing. He is also a car enthusiast.

The farthest place Reade has been from home is the U.S. Virgin Islands and his favorite trip is his annual family trip to Hyco Lake, NC. His ideal vacation would be to go duck hunting in Canada.

In school, Reade was an active member of the National Technical Honor Society, the UNC-C Bass Team, and the SAE Formula One Team. In fact, he was a part of a Senior Design team where he designed, fabricated, tested and raced an SAE Formula One-compliant racecar.

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