Lighting Design: Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center


The Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center houses a 1,200 seat performance hall and an outdoor performance area with lawn seating and a 350 seat recital hall, including a catering kitchen, concessions, dressing rooms, scenery shops, a two story multipurpose lobby, and a central energy plant. The center houses nationally touring Broadway productions, and opera, dance, orchestra and symphony performances, as well as student and faculty music and theater performances. The lighting design for the auditorium complements the wood and accentuates the wood slats. A color temperature of 3000K was used to help bring out the warmth of the wood.

Recessed narrow beam adjustable fixtures graze the wood slat walls highlighting the wood and creates some drama.  Along the auditorium sides and in the back, there is blue LED strip lighting.  These fixtures are cleverly placed within the wood slats that shine back toward the walls which give the room a sense of depth.  The blue light is a nice contrast with the warm wood.  All the lighting within the auditorium is DMX controlled.  This allows for these fixtures to dim easily and are each addressable.  The DMX also allows for the house lights to tie into the theatrical system and be easily controlled by the theatrical console for when they have performances.

The main lobby is illuminated with the same recessed narrow beam adjustable fixtures for highlighting the wood slat walls.  Along with those, are downlights and cove lighting which allows the space to have varying layers of light.  There is a skylight along the main curved wall of the auditorium where we placed a cove light.  The purpose of this is that the cove light is aimed up which illuminates the auditorium volume from within.  This begins to give you a sense of scale and how big the space is when seen at night.


Patrick Mihalik, LC

Patrick Mihalik, LC

Senior Associate, Lighting Designer
With 15 years of lighting design experience, and responsibilities on more than 70 projects, including corporate, institutional and aviation facilities, Patrick is knowledgeable in creating effective lighting design to encompass function and beauty.
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