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IBcon Smart Building Best Practice Showcase

Orange County Convention Center

The 11th annual Smart Building Best Practice Showcase returns to Realcomm | IBcon. For this super-session, we've assembled some of the world’s most progressive and successful implementations of smart buildings, portfolios and campuses. These projects represent the next generation of open, interoperable, integrated and IP-centric buildings. In this showcase setting, attendees will have the opportunity to

Developing a Comprehensive Smart Building Data and Advanced Analytics Strategy

Orange County Convention Center

We are witnessing an ever-increasing number of devices connected to building networks which are producing voluminous amounts of data. Although that raw data holds a treasure trove of insights that can fundamentally impact operational efficiencies and occupant experience, it must first be cleaned, normalized, tagged, organized and analyzed. Well-managed data yields astute, actionable information for

ESG Metrics: What’s in Your Toolbox?

Orange County Convention Center

The corporate world has embraced and mainstreamed ESG initiatives. More importantly, investors see the worth in using ESG metrics to calibrate a company’s value, sustainability, and ultimate impact on society. In fact, many companies (despite the pandemic) have benefited economically from being early adopters. In order to actualize ESG targets, companies need to be able