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Emory Healthcare Winship Emory Midtown

Cancer center with 80 inpatient beds, 14 surgical suites, advanced radiology, and outpatient facilities. LEED Silver certified with ambitious EUI of 125

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Nathan Deal Judicial Complex

Court technology systems can streamline courtroom proceedings, minimizing case time and maximizing efficiency. We design judicial facility systems with reliability, resilience, expandability, and ease of use and maintenance in mind.

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The modern courtroom serves not only as a venue for public discourse but also as a sophisticated recording studio, reflecting the evolving needs of the legal landscape. Sound quality is crucial, requiring clear speech and confidentiality. Modern audio systems must support assistive listening, language translation, electronic court reporting, and video conferencing. Security components, like X-ray inspection, metal detectors, cameras, intercoms, and card readers, must reduce potential danger and blend into the architectural design. Our Court Technology are experts who have helped shape industry standards, contributing to the U.S. Courts Design Guide and U.S. Courts Best Practices Guide. They understand the complexities involved in seamlessly integrating security, audio-visual, and acoustical elements to enhance courtroom functionality.


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San Antonio United States Courthouse Court Technology

Court technology systems for the San Antonio United States Courthouse. Pursuing LEED Gold

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