Intelligent Building Systems

Data has become the fundamental currency of business. Data-driven approaches to building operations are providing facility owners with tactical means to inform decisions and quantify impact. Intelligent Buildings – built on the premise of improved efficiency through data management and systems interconnectivity – are leveraging the measurement and controls capabilities of modern building systems to revolutionize facilities management practices and pave the way for “smart” real estate portfolios.

Intelligent Building consultants

Newcomb & Boyd’s Intelligent Buildings consultants and engineers are helping owners of both new and existing buildings develop, operate and optimize an integrated approach to data management and facilities operation. At the heart of the Intelligent Building approach is an open architecture controls framework built on top of the existing building automation system. The new framework provides a gateway for the dynamic features of the modern building – information technology, building automation, power, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, measurement & monitoring, communications, security, process equipment, audio-visual, occupancy status and conveyance – to communicate, visualize, analyze and share data.

• Value-Driven
• Operations-Focused
• Accessible
• Flexible
• Dynamic
• Customizable

Newcomb & Boyd’s Intelligent Building Systems team provides planning and design consulting services in the following areas:

• Intelligent Building Strategy
• IT Network Architecture & Security
• Owner’s Program Requirements
• Facility Management Controls Systems
• Systems Integration Design
• Systems Integrator Prequalification
• Systems Integrator Procurement
• Performance Verification
• Data Visualization / Dashboards
• Operations & Training

Performance Engineering leverages Intelligent Building tools to both drive system optimization via technical retrocommissioning, and sustain operations performance through predictive maintenance and ongoing commissioning programs. These efforts typically result in significant operational savings, such that the projects fund themselves.

• Facility Assessment Surveys
• Technical Retrocommissioning
• Building Systems Engineering
• Data Analytics
• Predictive Maintenance
• Ongoing Commissioning

Intelligent Building Consultants:

Donny Walker
Donny Walker, PE, RCDD
Max Shirley
Max Shirley, CTS-D, RCDD
Intelligent Building Consultant
James Curry, Intelligent Buildings Consultant
James Curry, PMP
Intelligent Building Consultant
Michael Conners
Michael Conners
Intelligent Building Consultant
Steve Wiggins, Director, Commissioning
Steve Wiggins, NEBB CP
Director, Commissioning
Brendan Gardes
Brendan Gardes, PE, CEM
Director, Energy and Sustainability
Adam Bare, Partner
Adam Bare, PE

Intelligent Building Clients

NCR Corporation Headquarters

Architect: Duda | Paine Architects, LLP
Interiors Architect: Gensler
Associate Architect: HKS, Inc.
Intelligent building systems, network, communications and security systems for a 495,000 square foot headquarters building and a 165,000 square foot office building at a separate location. The headquarters also includes a 285,000 square foot parking deck.

New Orleans BioInnovation Center

Architect: Eskew+Dumez+Ripple
Associate Architect: NBBJ
Offering support and guidance to emerging biotechnology companies commercializing technologies primarily derived from New Orleans-based universities, the New Orleans BioInnovation Center provides tenants with wet laboratories, office space, and meeting and conference spaces. Intelligent building systems deployment includes an integrated building management system normalizing data from building automation, facility metering and lighting control systems. Deployment also consists of automated analytics, fault detection, and diagnostics platform.

Federal Reserve Bank

Integrated Building Management System master plan to provide a single facility operations command center in the Atlanta headquarters that facilitates managing the Atlanta headquarters and the Branch bank locations in Jacksonville, Miami, Birmingham, and New Orleans. Systems that were included in the integration plan include building automation, lighting control with facility-wide occupancy sensors, power monitoring systems, security and elevator management systems.

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Patient Tower Expansion

Architect: Perkins+Will
Expansion of a six story hospital for a two patient floor, 104 bed addition. The project includes HVAC infrastructure, sized and configured to serve two future patient floors, and the replacement of a proprietary type building automation system throughout the tower with an open platform type system. Phased construction enabled the first half of the new patient floors to be occupied while the second half was completed.

Grady Memorial Hospital

Integrated Building Management System master plan to provide a single facility operations system, unified on the enterprise network, supported by the internal IT group, and provide operational savings in both facility maintenance and energy reductions.

Charles R. Drew Charter School Senior Academy

Architect: Perkins+Will
Integrated Building Management System master plan to include sustainability and operational dashboard and automated analytics and fault detection diagnostics systems for the Charles R. Drew Charter School’s Senior Academy serving 375 middle school students and 600 high school students. The building includes classrooms, career technology laboratories, science laboratories, chorus and band rooms, a cafeteria, a performing arts center, and a gymnasium. This facility is pursuing LEED Gold certification.

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