The Global Women in STEM Leadership Summit

Founded and led by Engineering Professor, Takoi K. Hamrita, The Global Women in STEM Leadership Summit is a two-day summit dedicated to giving women in scientific and technological fields from all career paths access to powerful tools, strategies and connections to advance their careers and their lives.

Here’s what we have to say about this years’ summit:


Darby Herold Headshot

Darby Herold | Electrical Engineer

“The Summit was an inspirational and eye-opening experience for me. Successful women within the STEM industry shared beneficial advice about overcoming the imposter feeling, negotiating, speaking confidently, and creating work/life balance. We, as women in a male dominant industry, typically feel the need to prove ourselves which can create a fear of making mistakes. This fear can cause a lack of confidence when speaking in a room full of men and our delivery can seem apologetic. The Summit encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and speak up when I have questions, ideas, or useful information about a topic. Whether I need to do twice the homework or practice ahead of time, I will speak more confidently and allow myself to learn from my mistakes.”


Madeline Dueitt |Plumbing  EngineerMadeline Dueitt Headshot

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to have heard so many successful and powerful women speak about their experiences in the STEM field, and how they became influential leaders in a male-dominated industry. In the sessions, we gained insight into how to be more direct in our communication and ask for what we want, even if that does not come naturally. I also learned to speak with more confidence and not be so quick to disqualify myself when I am the only women in the room, and to be an advocate for our fellow women when we see that they are facing obstacles.”


Carolina Jakob, PE | Electrical Engineer
Carolina Jakob

“The Summit helped me gain insight to the collective experiences amongst women in STEM and their journeys to leadership positions. It was very empowering to hear their stories firsthand and immensely helpful to receive their advice on navigating a male dominated field as a woman. I have gained the knowledge to continue working on mastering needed leadership skills through self-learning and introspection.”



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