Rebuilding Grady from the Inside Out: Transforming a Safety Net Hospital

Newcomb & Boyd Associate Partner, Lynda Herrig, and Senior Architectural Project Manager of Grady Health System, George Smith, presented on the importance of hospital renovations at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo in Chicago, Illinois. Their presentation highlighted the ongoing renovation of Grady Memorial Hospital.

The Affordable Care Act is a game changer for all hospitals but especially so for safety net hospitals. As the number of insured patients rises and as reimbursements become linked to patient satisfaction, urban public hospitals of last resort must reinvent themselves to attract new paying customers. The session explained how the addition of new specialized centers in Grady Memorial Hospital, the flagship institution of one of the largest public health systems in the country, can attract patients with private insurance. It discussed the features of recent renovations and expansions that have improved the reputation of a hospital many know only as a trauma and emergency facility. Additions included a stroke and neuroscience center, a cardiac center, a neonatal intensive care unit, patient room renovations, a Level 1 trauma center, and the creation of an electronic records system. Infrastructure upgrades are currently underway to replace equipment that is in some cases 50 years old.

2013 Hospital Statistics

ER Visits 126,000
Stroke Visits 11,000
Burn Visits 2,600
Neonatal Babies 1,200
Patient Visits 600,000
Med-Surg Beds 806
ICU Beds 117
NICU Beds 30


Marcus Stroke & Neuroscience Center

Facts: 2008, $15 Million, 32,000 SF, 19 ICU Rooms, 20 Step-down Rooms, IVR Suite on the unit with 64 slice CT and Bi-plane angio
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Grady Memorial Hospital Marcus Stroke & Neuroscience Center

Marcus Trauma Center

Facts: 2010, $7 Million, 19,000 SF, 7 trauma rooms, 8 exam rooms, digital x-ray room
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Grady Memorial Hospital Marcus Trauma Center

NICU Renovation

Facts: 2011, $1.2 Million, 7,800 SF, 30 care spaces
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Grady NICU overall floor shot 1280x720

Correll Cardiac Center

Facts: 2012, $5.4 Million, 11,000 SF, 2 procedure rooms (electro-physiology lab and catheterization suite), 8 holding bays, 5 bay stress lab, STEMI certification, 24/7/365 access
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Grady Cardiac Center 1920x1080

Inpatient Unit Upgrades

Facts: 2012, $4.7 Million, 32,000 SF, 52 rooms, upgraded systems (new headwalls, LED lighting, digital fire alarm system, upgraded HVAC)

Inpatient Unit Nurses Station 940x528

Clinical Decision Unit

Facts: 2012, $2.8 Million, 7,000 SF, 18 holding bays, 2 isolation rooms, central diagonal nursing core, individual temperature controls

GU Relocation / GI Remodeling

Facts: 2012, $9 Million, 6,000 SF urology center, 5,500 SF GI Center
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GU Relocation 1920x1080

Inpatient Pharmacy Renovation

Facts: 2012, $2.5 Million, 7,055 SF, upgrade compounding for USP 797 compliance

Pharmacy_color floor plan 1920x1080

ED & Hospital Expansion

Facts: 2012, $76 Million, 95,000 SF Addition and 75,000 SF Renovation, new stand alone utility infrastructure in mechanical penthouse
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Grady Memorial Hospital Emergency Department

Women’s and Infants’ Center

Facts: 2014, $18 Million, 58,500 SF, dedicated entrance, prenatal clinic remodeling, state-of-the-art labor and delivery suites

What’s Next?

  • Continue building to meet strategic business plan
  • Infrastructure for the future
  • Inviting campus and sense of community
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