Electrical Code for Meeting Rooms

To prevent the unintended utilization of extension cords and to eliminate daisy-chains of “power strips”, the 2017 version of the National Electrical Code (NEC) now provides guidelines for locations and quantities of receptacles provided in meeting rooms. Historically, the NEC has not dictated receptacle layouts for individual space types in non-residential construction.

Per the NEC, meeting rooms are typically designed or intended for the gathering of seated occupants for such purposes as conferences, deliberations, or similar purposes, where portable electronic equipment is likely to be used. The infographic below helps explain the receptacle and floor box layout process, but Article 210-71 in the 2017 NEC outlines the actual requirements.

Additionally, not all states have yet adopted the 2017 version of the NEC. Find out if the new requirements apply to you here.

Matt DiPiro, PE

Matt DiPiro, PE

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Matt has 13 years of experience in the electrical engineering design of commercial and institutional facilities. He has been responsible for more than 60 projects in new and renovated spaces, including academic buildings, residence halls, food service venues, healthcare centers, and office buildings. Matt is knowledgeable of sustainable buildings, having designed more than 10 projects that have achieved or are pursuing LEED certification.
Matt DiPiro, PE

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