Lean Construction Institute Integrated Project Delivery

Newcomb & Boyd attended the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) – Georgia Community of Practice Integrated Project Delivery Panel on July 30 where we learned about some of the top integrated project delivery (IPD) methods from leaders in the A/E/C industry.

IPD is a cultural shift that results in pooled benefits. It is a tricky dance to share the BIM model with the team, but also necessary to encourage cost control and open the lines of communication and sharing amongst the project team. It is important to “design for operations” and then construct the building. To design for operations, you must understand what the operations are. The goal of a lean project model is to increase the value of construction. The cheapest option is not always the best option. While the selection of a qualified company for the project is important, the collaborative personalities of Project Managers and designers in the firms are critical to project success.

Between Engineers and Contractors, it is the responsibility of the engineer to communicate design intent. Collaboration between the engineer and contractor can be improved by having an engineer on site during construction. This collaboration is a fundamental shift from the typical construction process and may face significant opposition from some engineers, however, it can often prevent a miscommunication.

The example project given by a panel member was completed utilizing an integrate project delivery approach and came in at 15% under budget. Change orders totaled 1.5% of construction cost where it can range from 5-10%.

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