Living Building Challenge: Deep Green in the Southeast


The pursuit of the Living Building Challenge pushes projects to be not just ‘less harmful’ to the environment, but to be at a minimum neutral and at its utmost, a ‘restorative’ impact to the environment.

The Living Building Challenge currently has over 200 projects registered in 14 countries, including the United States, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Haiti, Lebanon, France, Romania, Australia, and New Zealand, in various stages of design, construction, and occupancy.

Similar to LEED, it is a holistic approach to the building design but pushes the boundaries by achieving net positive energy, net positive water, and paying careful consideration to the materials used. Site, equity, beauty, health, and process are also critical components incorporated into the design.

For our second Innovations Series, we discussed the challenge focus areas, called petals, with specific strategies to achieve them in as hot, humid environment. The session was hosted in our Atlanta office, and presented by Sandeep Ahuja and Patrick Chopson of pattern r+d and Brendan Gardes, Director of Energy and Sustainability at Newcomb & Boyd.

Achieving the Petals of the Living Building Challenge in the Southeast:

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