Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center: Energy Cost Savings

The 85,000 square foot Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center at Auburn University will feature two large performance venues. The building, which is pursuing LEED certification under the LEED-NC v2009 rating system, is projected to achieve significant energy cost savings when compared to a baseline building.

In fact, when submitted for LEED Design review, the project was awarded eighteen points for energy cost savings — the maximum number of points achievable for the Optimize Energy Performance LEED credit. This puts the  Center on track to achieve LEED Gold certification.

To achieve the projected savings, the building is designed to minimize energy usage.  Highly efficient water-cooled screw chillers and condensing boilers provide heated and chilled water to the building.  Air handling units utilize energy recovery and efficient control sequences to minimize energy use.  Additionally, LED lighting throughout the building reduces energy usage without compromising lighting quality and availability.  Together, these energy conservation measures result in an annual energy savings of over 4,100 MMBtu. That’s enough energy to power approximately 45 homes for a year!

*According to the latest results from the EIA Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS), the average household consumes 90 MMBtu per year.

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