Shaw Air Force Base ARCENT Third Army Headquarters

The high security ARCENT Third Army Headquarters comprises three components – the C2F (Command and Control Facility), the HHC (Headquarters, Headquarters Company) and the TEMF (Tactical Vehicle Maintenance Facility). The 320,000 square foot, two story C2F includes large plate open office spaces and has raised floor throughout the building, and supports 1,500 personnel from the major staff groups. The C2F is all classified for Open Secret Storage and includes an 11,300 square foot SCIF facility with SAP and STO spaces. The 25,000 square foot HHC supports 50 personnel from the staffing groups, and the 15,000 square foot TEMF includes repair bays, administrative offices, and a secure storage area, and supports 15 personnel. The buildings are supported by a central energy plant. Sustainable features include high efficiency variable speed chillers, waterside economizer, variable flow chilled water and hot water systems with variable speed pumps, variable volume air handling systems with variable speed fans, premium efficiency motors, energy recovery systems for building exhaust/relief air, variable outside air delivery controlled by CO2 sensors, lighting controls, and daylight harvesting.


Mechanical and electrical systems noise and vibration control.


Access control, video surveillance, and security communications systems. A central security monitoring center is located in the headquarters building. Individual Top Secret spaces are equipped with independent intrusion detection systems. The headquarters building entrances are controlled by optical/barrier style turnstile systems to prevent tailgating and piggybacking. The site is equipped with operable vehicle barriers controlled by the access control system at vehicle entrances penetrating the antiterrorist force protection (ATFP) perimeter.

Project Data
Sumter, South Carolina 360,000 square feet Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Communications, Security LEED Gold certified LS3P Associates Ltd.

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