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Georgia College & State University Russell Auditorium Theatrical Systems

About this project

Facility condition survey and interior lighting design for the renovation of a 980 seat, historical auditorium. As part of the architectural upgrade, new LED downlights were added for general house illumination. The front of the auditorium at the proscenium, was an ornate trim piece that wrapped around the sides. We used that as an opportunity to add a cove light to add an extra dimension of illumination. The large windows within the auditorium had their shades down and previously theatrical lights were used to highlight the windows and change color since the shades were white. We had permanently installed color changing architectural lighting so that theatrical lights wouldn’t need to be used. All of the house lights including the color changing luminaires, are DMX controlled. This made each fixture addressable and dim more easily with the theatrical lighting console.

Theatrically, an all-new rigging system was installed for the stage lighting and scenery. A second front of house row of lights was also included to provide more flexibility and locations for lighting the stage. We also added a new front rail at the balcony for lower and flatter front light. A set of two torms on each side were added with three moving lights.

gcsuAuditorium frontcenter001
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Project data

  • Location Milledgeville, Georgia
  • Services Lighting, MEP/F, Theatrical
  • Client Georgia College & State University
  • Architect May Architecture
  • Photographer May Architecture
gcsuAuditorium behindstage001