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Jones Aaron
Aaron Jones
Mechanical Engineer

Aaron, a Mechanical Engineer, takes pride in the knowledge that his work on healthcare buildings serves a vital purpose. His attention to detail and commitment to ask pertinent questions contributes to the success of designs. He finds fulfillment in problem-solving, and his role provides ample opportunities in this regard. Beyond work, he finds joy in activities such as hiking, occasional rock climbing and backpacking, as well as indulging in the art of woodcarving.

Phone: (404)730-8489
Email: ajones@newcomb-boyd.com
Simpore Abdoul
Abdoul Simpore
Electrical Engineer

Abdoul, a specialized Electrical Engineer, focuses on the design of healthcare facilities, particularly imaging suites equipped with CTs, MRIs, X-Rays, and more. He values a dynamic and busy work environment and is known for his dedication to learning, sense of humor, and genuine care for his work. Three words Abdoul would use to describe himself are faith, family, and fitness.

Phone: (404)730-8503
Email: asimpore@newcomb-boyd.com
Bare Adam
Adam Bare, PE

As a Mechanical Engineer, Adam has experience in project management and partner-in-charge responsibilities on more than 330 projects, with an emphasis on healthcare and higher education. He has presented and published on healthcare and scientific research topics, especially noting the complexities of HVAC system planning and design in such environments. Through listening to the needs of clients and owners, keeping an eye on the big picture, and maintaining open communication, Adam provides sound advice and delivers on his promises.

Phone: (404)730-8448
Email: abare@newcomb-boyd.com
Jackson Adam
Adam Jackson
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, Adam stands out for his proficiency in crafting innovative solutions. His dedication to excellence is evident in his approach to quality control, accurate calculations, and detailed construction drawings. Having started as a co-op student, Adam values the chance to mentor emerging engineers within the firm and has an integral role recruiting quality candidates for the co-op program. Specializing in hospital steam systems, laboratory ventilation systems, and chilled beam design, Adam ensures top-tier sterile processing, heating, and air quality solutions for these critical spaces. Beyond his work at Newcomb & Boyd, Adam’s passions extend to cooking, winemaking, and soccer, having traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a youth to participate in exhibition matches against local clubs.

Phone: (404)730-8566
Email: ajackson@newcomb-boyd.com
Stokes Adam
Adam Stokes
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Adam is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in the design of complex systems for a variety of commercial buildings, including healthcare facilities, laboratories, courthouses, and sports facilities. In his leisure time, Adam indulges his passion for music by playing and working on guitars and amplifiers. He also enjoys concerts & sporting events and channels his creativity into cooking.

Phone: (404)730-8579
Email: astokes@newcomb-boyd.com
El Gendy Ahmed
Ahmed El Gendy
Plumbing Engineer

Ahmed, a diligent Plumbing Engineer, holds a degree from Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt. In the workplace he is described as hard-working and self-motivated. During his free time, Ahmed finds joy in traveling, with his favorite trip to date being a visit to Turkey.

Phone: (404)730-8568
Email: aelgendy@newcomb-boyd.com
Carew AJ
AJ Carew, PE
Electrical Engineer

As an experience Electrical Engineer, AJ believes the most important skill is to be able to problem solve. He enjoys working on data centers due to the level of complexity they entail, and his proudest achievement is earning his PE.

Email: ACarew@newcomb-boyd.com
Balasubramanian Akash
Akash Bala
Electrical Engineer

Akash is an experienced Electrical Engineer whose passion lies in creating innovative and sustainable solutions. Akash adopts a collaborative approach, closely working with architects, construction teams, and clients to tailor outcomes to the specific needs of each project. His expertise includes electrical system design, compliance with codes and standards, and adept technical documentation. Beyond his professional pursuits, he harbors a love for cars, aspiring to attend the Grand Prix in Monaco someday.

Phone: (404)730-8446
Email: ABala@newcomb-boyd.com
Marshall Albert
Albert Marshall
Associate, Plumbing Designer

With years of experience designing plumbing systems, Albert has been responsible for more than 70 projects, including healthcare facilities, military bases, office buildings, industrial facilities, learning centers, senior and retirement facilities, apartment complexes, and environmental centers.

Phone: (404)730-8501
Email: amarshall@newcomb-boyd.com
Eplan Alex
Alex Eplan, CTS
Intelligent Buildings Consultant

Intelligent Building Consultant, Alex, skillfully unites human needs with technological solutions. Armed with a fusion of design thinking and systems engineering expertise, he seamlessly integrates creativity and analytical thinking into every project. Rather than immediately delving into technical aspects, Alex prioritizes understanding the unique context of individuals by empathizing with clients before navigating the intricacies of technology. Driven by his passion for engineering, Alex aspires to actively contribute to the creation of joyful and supportive work environments. Alex is an adventurer at heart, having undertaken a cross-country cycling journey from San Francisco to Washington D.C. for charity.

Phone: (404)730-8472
Email: aeplan@newcomb-boyd.com
Alhubaishi Ali
Ali Alhubaishi
Mechanical Engineer

Ali, holding a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Kennesaw State University, is recognized in the workplace for his dedicated, patient, and calm demeanor. Outside of work, his passion for exploring the world has taken him as far as Malaysia. Among the various cuisines he has savored, Persian food stands out as his absolute favorite.

Phone: (404)730-8513
Email: aalhubaishi@newcomb-boyd.com
Lang Aliyah
Aliyah Lang
Mechanical Engineer

Aliyah began as a co-op while attending Kennesaw State University before becoming a full-time mechanical engineer. She holds a minor in nuclear engineering and has an interest in the automotive engineering industry.

Phone: (404)730-8406
Email: ALang@newcomb-boyd.com
Askew Amanda
Amanda Askew, CPD, GPD
Senior Associate, Plumbing Engineer

Amanda, a Plumbing Engineer, excels in designing efficient and reliable systems. Her expertise extends to medical gas systems for healthcare spaces and plumbing systems for high-rise complexes like residential buildings and hotels. She prioritizes building expertise in her field through continuous education and stays abreast of the latest developments. Known for consistently prioritizing the interests of others, Amanda fosters a collaborative and supportive work environment. Beyond her professional commitments, she is passionate about volunteering and giving back to her community.

Phone: (404)730-8586
Email: aaskew@newcomb-boyd.com
Banduvula Amith
Amith Banduvula
Sustainability Consultant

Amith, a proficient Sustainability Consultant, is driven by a passion for uncovering innovative solutions through design. His academic journey was marked by an affinity for his “Connections and Assemblies” engineering class, and his introduction into design involved creating a co-working space. When it comes to vacations, Amith seeks destinations that offer a blend of delectable cuisine, rich cultural experiences, and captivating landscapes. Unsurprisingly, his most cherished travel memory revolves around backpacking through Mexico.

Phone: (404)730-8605
Email: ABanduvula@newcomb-boyd.com
Dymek Andrew
Andrew Dymek, PE
Partner Emeritus

Andrew has over 30 years of engineering experience in the design and construction industry. His work with the firm has included mechanical engineering, project management, and partner-in-charge responsibilities on more than 630 projects. His experience encompasses higher education, commercial, healthcare and scientific facilities for both the private and public sectors. Andrew has particular expertise in the design of complex campus energy, laboratory, and data center facilities. In addition to collaborating with award-winning architecture and design firms, he has presented internationally on the design of laboratories, sustainability, and energy recovery systems.

Phone: (843)574-8734
Email: adymek@newcomb-boyd.com
Strack Andrew
Andrew Strack, PE, CFPS
Senior Associate, Fire Protection Engineer

Andrew earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and furthered his academic achievement by obtaining his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. Andrew currently serves as a Professional Fire Protection Engineer and leads the team in fire suppression and fire alarm systems design.

Phone: (404)730-8483
Email: astrack@newcomb-boyd.com
Marko Andrey
Andrey Marko
Associate, Communications Consultant

Andrey, a Communications Consultant and experienced BIM Specialist, has a demonstrated history in the design industry. Proficient in Revit, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Engineering, and AutoCAD, he brings a wealth of technical expertise to his work. Outside of his professional endeavors, Andrey enjoys golfing and the art of grilling in his spare time.

Phone: (404)730-8576
Email: amarko@newcomb-boyd.com
Moffit Andy
Andy Moffit
Sustainability Consultant

Andy is a member of the Energy Modeling team with a degree in environmental and natural resources from Ohio State University. Andy values continually learning and achieving new goals – these passions are what drive him to be an experienced and helpful team member. As a child, Andy envisioned himself becoming a park ranger, and hiking the entire Appalachian Trail is still a life goal of his. He considers staying organized and clearly communicating two of the most important aspects of his work. Andy is an Eagle Scout and during the weekends, you can find him cheering on the Buckeyes or in the woods.

Phone: (404)446-3415
Email: AMoffit@newcomb-boyd.com
Marks Anika
Anika Marks
Electrical Engineer

Anika, an Electrical Engineer, graduated from Kennesaw State University and served as a teacher’s assistant for Engineering Design and Graphics. She expanded her diverse skillset by working in the university’s 3D printing lab and welding. Described as reliable and curious, she embraces every opportunity for new adventures. In her leisure time, Anika indulges in her passion for film and writing.

Phone: (404)740-8479
Email: amarks@newcomb-boyd.com
Troup Annie
Annie Troup
Administrative Resources

Annie, who works in the Administrative Resources department, excels in ensuring that everything is in order and embodies a spirit of service. She is a dedicated individual who finds joy in church and family. A testament to her commitment, her biggest achievement is her long tenure with the company and she looks forward to growing more together. In her leisure time, Annie passionately cheers on her favorite sports teams, particularly the Atlanta Falcons, and finds enjoyment in travel and playing cards.

Phone: (404)730-8424
Email: atroup@newcomb-boyd.com
Poch April
April Poch
Project Administrator

As Project Administrator, April finds fulfillment in her role by contributing to the team’s success, understanding that even small contributions can make a significant impact. She enjoys boating, walking, and bird watching, which speaks to her appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

Phone: (843)574-8737
Email: APoch@newcomb-boyd.com
McDougal Asha
Asha McDougal
Mechanical Engineer

Asha, a Mechanical Engineer holding a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Associate of Arts degree, finds joy in music and the arts. Her favorite book is Zora Neale Hurston’s Collected Plays, and she cherishes the experience of attending a live performance by Gladys Knight.

Phone: (919)784-9139
Email: AMcDougal@newcomb-boyd.com
Norrington Ashley
Ashley Norrington
Senior Associate, Administrative Resources Manager

Ashley leads the Administrative Resources team, oversees diverse responsibilities, including managing licensing and registrations for the firm. Ashley takes a hands-on approach to specialty projects and client interface. Additionally, she recently joined the Society for Design Administration (SDA), showcasing her commitment to professional development and industry collaboration. In her free time, Ashley enjoys gardening and antiquing.

Phone: (404)730-8536
Email: anorrington@newcomb-boyd.com
Carter Barhon
Barhon Carter
Mechanical Engineer

Barhon, a Mechanical Engineer specializing in higher education buildings, brings valuable perspective to the field. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds joy in a variety of hobbies, including snowboarding, surfing, sports, and dirt biking. Barhon’s passion extends to building cars, showcasing his hands-on skills and creativity.

Phone: (404)730-8577
Email: bcarter@newcomb-boyd.com
Bartmess Bennett
Bennett Bartmess, PE
Plumbing Engineer

For as long as he can remember, Bennett has been passionate about learning how things work. This curiosity led him to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Tennessee, which evolved into a career in the MEP industry. At Newcomb & Boyd, he has been directly involved in the plumbing design for a wide array of projects, including higher education, laboratories, and courthouses. In his free time, you can find Bennett playing the guitar, watching Tennessee sports, or going to his local YMCA.

Phone: (404)730-8604
Email: bbartmess@newcomb-boyd.com
Humphries Bennett
Bennett Humphries, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, Bennett draws inspiration from the synergy of collaborative teamwork and the gratification of witnessing his designs come to life. His sense of accomplishment is most profound when crafting unique solutions for intricate buildings. Bennett is proficient in design for outpatient surgery and clinical spaces, as well as in the specialized realm of athletic facilities. Beyond the technical aspects of his career, Bennett’s professional journey is underscored by creating lasting connections and ensuring each project aligns seamlessly with the vision and needs of the clients. As an avid outdoorsman, Bennett finds joy in hunting and fishing.

Phone: (919)881-3175
Email: bhumphries@newcomb-boyd.com
Hanson Beth Ann
Beth Ann Hanson, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Beth Ann graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Her project experience is vast and crosses multiple market sectors including adaptive re-use, higher education, healthcare, and workplace.

Phone: (404)730-8571
Email: bhanson@newcomb-boyd.com
Gellert Bibi
Bibi Gellert
Administrative Resources

Bibi is a Technical Librarian and manages changing paper records into electronic records. She is text and detail oriented and has a variety of technical skills that help her navigate a range of publication and document types. In her free time, Bibi loves to volunteer at farm animal sanctuaries and is on board Farm of the Free Sanctuary.

Phone: (404)730-8533
Email: bgellert@newcomb-boyd.com
Laraia Bo
Bo Laraia, RCDD
Principal, Communications Studio Director

Bo, Studio Director of the Communications group, is responsible for managing large, complex projects and is the leader of a group of telecommunications design specialists. He is known for his team mentorship and responsiveness to clients throughout a project’s lifespan. In the coming years, Bo looks forward to continuing to expand Newcomb & Boyd’s presence in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast markets. He is skilled in the design of physical networks, convergence of numerous technologies over networks, and assessment, procurement, negotiation, and provisioning of networking and special technologies.

Phone: (843)574-8741
Email: rlaraia@newcomb-boyd.com
Nevin Brandon
Brandon Nevin
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Brandon, an experienced Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer, boasts extensive expertise across a spectrum of building types, including healthcare and higher education projects. His dedication to continuous learning and a broad project exposure makes him a valuable asset to project teams. During his college years, Brandon’s hands-on experience as a carpenter, building houses, laid the foundation for his understanding of construction. His affinity for renovation work has evolved, and now he channels his skills towards crafting smaller home pieces, such as shelving and tables, showcasing his commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Phone: (919)784-9192
Email: bnevin@newcomb-boyd.com
Stover Brandon
Brandon Stover
Electrical Engineer

Brandon is an Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in the higher education sector. He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh. Brandon enjoys the outdoors and some of his hobbies include golfing, fishing, and camping.

Phone: (843)574-8736
Email: BStover@newcomb-boyd.com
Westergaard Brandon
Brandon Westergaard, INCE-USA
Senior Associate, Acoustical Consultant

With a unique background in engineering, music technology, and acoustics, Brandon brings a distinctive perspective to his work, which he views as a harmonious blend of art and science. Projects across fine arts, audio and video production, government, higher education, corporate office, and other sectors showcase his technical proficiency in room acoustics, sound isolation, and mechanical system noise control. Likewise, his emphasis on practicality, willingness to educate, and attention to detail make him a valuable design partner and team member. Understanding the profound impact of the built environment on occupants’ wellbeing, he contributes significantly to enhancing the quality of spaces through creative and impactful acoustic design.


Phone: (404)730-8466
Email: bwestergaard@newcomb-boyd.com
Samples Brenda
Brenda Samples
Administrative Resources

Brenda is a member of the Administrative Resources department with a background in efficient communication and client relations and a mastery of organization and multitasking. Brenda is an Atlanta native who studied at both Gwinnett Technical College and Atlanta Technical College, and in her free time, she is committed to giving back to her community. She is particularly devoted to several organizations, among which are the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the National Kidney Foundation of Georgia. Brenda’s dedication to both professional excellence and community betterment is a testament to her deep values of service, compassion, and commitment. She first began working at Newcomb & Boyd in 1981.

Phone: (404)730-8530
Email: BSamples@newcomb-boyd.com
Gardes Brendan
Brendan Gardes, PE, CEM, WELL AP
Associate Principal, Sustainability Studio Director

Sustainable Studio Director, Brendan, prioritizes building positive client relationships by listening to clients to understand their needs and key drivers, educating them on the latest innovations, and providing quality deliverables they can trust. He has assisted in the green certification of 35 projects including those who have achieved and are pursuing LEED Platinum, Living Building Challenge, and net zero energy projects. His consulting philosophy revolves around the question: “Am I positioning the client to make the best decisions possible to achieve their goals?” In his spare time Brendan enjoys hiking.

Phone: (404)730-8548
Email: bgardes@newcomb-boyd.com
Gilbert Brett
Brett Gilbert, PE
Associate Principal, HVAC Studio Director

Collaboration, along with fostering the development of others, is central to Brett’s design philosophy. As HVAC Studio Director, he believes these actions drive quality, efficiency, and growth. Brett encourages his team members to bounce ideas off colleagues and solve problems together. Similarly, Brett is thrilled to see the construction industry move towards a more collaborative effort where relationships develop amongst all design and construction team members, facilitating a process that optimizes system selection and design. Brett enjoys music and he plays piano, bass guitar, drums, French horn and trumpet.

Phone: (404)730-8508
Email: bgilbert@newcomb-boyd.com
Gates Britton
Britton Gates, CTS-D, CTS-I
Associate Principal, Audio-Visual Studio Director

Audio-Visual Studio Director, Britton Gates, is passionate about guiding our clients through every step of the project process to ensure we meet the Owner’s goals. His key focus areas are user experience, smart building integrations, and unifying virtual collaboration environments with physical space. He has a truly holistic view of building technology and looks for integrations and efficiencies between trades to create technology that flows seamlessly together for both end users and technology managers. Audio-visual technologies evolve rapidly, so Britton stays on top of trends through involvement in industry demos, events, and tradeshows to fully capture an auditory or visual experience. In his free time, Britton enjoys playing golf.

Phone: (404)730-8423
Email: bgates@newcomb-boyd.com
DeRoo Bruce
Bruce DeRoo
Acoustical Consultant

Proficient in conducting meticulous acoustical investigations, Bruce is a valuable resource for clients facing time-sensitive decisions. Bruce stands out for his talent in delivering thorough analyses and crafting customized solutions to tackle intricate vibration challenges. His commitment to project success is underscored by a strong emphasis on effective communication with clients, ensuring prompt responses and offering easily digestible recommendations. Bruce’s favorite vacation is his annual trip to Port Loring, Canada, where he finds joy in the peaceful morning ritual of bass fishing.

Phone: (404)730-8471
Email: bderoo@newcomb-boyd.com
Ferguson Cami
Cami Ferguson
Mechanical Engineer

Cami, a Mechanical Engineer, believes clear communication and coordination is imperative, as everyone plays an important part in the completion of a project. It is exciting to her that every step in the process, from the architect’s initial drawing to the end of construction, matters equally, and getting to watch a project come to fruition is like putting together an intricate puzzle. Cami has achieved her Engineer-In-Training license after graduating from the University of Georgia.

Phone: (404)730-8420
Email: CFerguson@newcomb-boyd.com
Ruggieri Carly
Carly Ruggieri
Senior Associate, Sustainability Consultant

Carly, a Sustainability Consultant, has experience working on a number of facility types, including complex corporate campuses, educational, military, and office buildings. In her free time, Carly loves to surf and garden. She earned her B.S. in Environmental Science with am emphasis in Urban Land Use from the University of Michigan and joined Newcomb & Boyd in 2022.

Phone: (404)730-8546
Email: CRuggieri@newcomb-boyd.com
Persaud Chaitram
Chaitram Persaud, CPD, GPD
Associate, Plumbing Engineer

Chaitram earned his Associate of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from New York City College of Technology and is a plumbing engineer. His favorite quote is by John C. Maxwell – “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. He enjoys trips to Jamaica with his family and loves traveling anywhere in the Caribbean.

Phone: (404)730-8560
Email: cpersaud@newcomb-boyd.com
Lee Changsoo
Changsoo Lee
Mechanical Engineer

Chang is a graduate of the State University of New York Maritime College with a degree in mechanical engineering. He works on projects varying from aviation to the workplace sector. He is fluent in Korean.

Phone: (404)730-8609
Email: CLee@newcomb-boyd.com
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart
Mechanical Engineer

Chris, a Mechanical Engineer, is a graduate of North Carolina State University. Cultivating passion in his work is extremely valuable to him, and he feels that life is too short to not be passionate and excited about what you spend a third of it on. Curiosity is another of Chris’s most important values, and he strives to always keep asking questions and learning. He especially enjoys when he is able to procure a solution to a problem that no one else was considering.

Phone: (919)783-8982
Email: CStewart@newcomb-boyd.com
Sullins Chris
Chris Sullins
Associate, BIM Manager

BIM Manager Chris joined Newcomb & Boyd in 1999. He is an expert in computer software training, Navisworks, BIM coordination, and CAD.

Phone: (404)730-8490
Email: csullins@newcomb-boyd.com
Ngengwe Claire
Claire Ngengwe
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Claire is a Mechanical Engineer that excels across various trades, specializing in kitchen and dormitory design. Joining the industry with the aim of learning and growing, she appreciates the collaborative and hardworking environment that her team brings to each project. Two of Claire’s favorite pastimes include reading fiction novels and watching the Kansas City Chiefs win.

Phone: (919)784-9170
Email: cngengwe@newcomb-boyd.com
Redding Colby
Colby Redding
Electrical Engineer

Colby, an Electrical Engineer, remembers being amazed by the electrical systems when she would visit jobsites with her dad when she was younger. She went on to attend the University of Kentucky, where her favorite class was Electric Power System Fundamentals. Colby is particularly interested in designing systems for the healthcare sector.

Phone: (404)446-1343
Email: CRedding@newcomb-boyd.com
Zirpoli Collin
Collin Zirpoli
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Collin has several years of practical experience designing mechanical systems for projects ranging from commercial office retrofits to LEED accredited mixed use high-rise construction. He always seeks to use his knowledge of sustainable building practices, ASHRAE standards, and LEED framework to bring the best possible design solutions to meet or exceed the needs of clients.

Phone: (404)730-8484
Email: czirpoli@newcomb-boyd.com
Barge Corey
Corey Barge
Audio-Visual Consultant

Corey is part of our Special Technologies Group and serves as an Audio-Visual Technician. His education includes diplomas from both Gwinnett Technical College and Lanier Technical College. In his spare time, Corey enjoys music, fishing, and camping.

Phone: (404)730-8449
Email: cbarge@newcomb-boyd.com
Campbell Corey
Corey Campbell, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Corey is an Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in healthcare and is well-versed in the unique requirements and challenges of this industry. Above technical expertise and project costs, Corey believes that clients often choose a company they like working with and trust. He strives to embody those attributes and build strong relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction and trust in the company’s capabilities.

Phone: (404)730-8531
Email: ccampbell@newcomb-boyd.com
Costanzo Courtney
Courtney Costanzo, CPSM
Associate Principal, Marketing Director

In her role as the Director of Marketing, Courtney Costanzo spearheads a dynamic team of Marketing Coordinators, working in close collaboration with Principals and Project Managers to meticulously oversee the caliber and punctuality of our deliverables. Courtney excels in the realms of proposal development, website management, crafting compelling marketing collateral, and adeptly handling database administration. She holds a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) credential from the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). Outside the workplace, Courtney finds joy in hiking and camping adventures with her family.

Phone: (404)730-8444
Email: ccostanzo@newcomb-boyd.com
Bridges Curt
Curt Bridges
Associate Principal, Electrical Studio Director

Curt, an Electrical Engineer, provides project direction and mentorship for his team, and has expertise is in power distribution. He is recognized for making well-informed decisions to achieve the client’s objectives and ensures effective communication through well-crafted design documents. Curt is a “maker” at heart and loves creating or fixing tangible and useful items, especially if they are helpful to others.

Phone: (404)730-8539
Email: cbridges@newcomb-boyd.com
Joiner Dale
Dale Joiner
Senior Associate, Information Technology Manager

Dale, an experienced IT Manager, graduated from Mercer University with a Master of Business Administration. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and boating.

Phone: (404)730-8430
Email: djoiner@newcomb-boyd.com
Austin Daniel
Daniel Austin
Mechanical Engineer

Daniel, a dedicated mechanical engineer, excels at analyzing systems, designing components, and optimizing processes. He thrives in collaborative, dynamic environments and is passionate about pushing the boundaries of mechanical engineering to create impactful and sustainable solutions. Daniel’s extensive travels have taken him to six continents, and he pursued his education in Australia.

Email: DAustin@newcomb-boyd.com
Choi Daniel
Daniel Choi
Acoustical Consultant

Daniel is an Acoustical Consultant who is passionate, diligent, and detail oriented. He was born in Korea, but grew up in Russia and Germany, and speaks three and a half languages. If time and money allowed, he would love to get more involved with music.

Phone: (404)730-8558
Email: dchoi@newcomb-boyd.com
Ross Daniel
Daniel Ross, III
Project Accountant

Daniel is a member of the Finance and Accounting team. Some of Daniel’s hobbies include attending concerts and watching movies.

Phone: (404)730-8502
Email: dross@newcomb-boyd.com
Richey Danna
Danna Lopez Richey, PE, WELL AP
Associate Principal, Sustainability Studio Director

Danna is a valuable resource for clients seeking sustainable, healthy, high-performing buildings. As a Sustainability Studio Director, she will focus on streamlining integration with internal disciplines and furthering Newcomb & Boyd’s culture of conservation and sustainability. Our sustainability consultants are fully integrated design team members who educate our engineers on the latest developments related to sustainability in the built environment. Danna is enthusiastic about utilizing real-world data and a forward-thinking mindset to bring a holistic view to our clients’ projects.

Phone: (404)730-8563
Email: drichey@newcomb-boyd.com
Thomas Danny
Danny Thomas
Plumbing Engineer

Danny, a Plumbing Engineer, is known for his strong work ethic and productivity. With a three-year service in the US Army, he lives by the motto “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” On an ideal day, he enjoys time together with his family. He says his son makes him laugh the most.

Email: DThomas@newcomb-boyd.com
Chandler David
David Chandler, PE

As a Partner, David supports the team both internally and externally, to ensure the client’s goals are met. David is an expert in the design of healthcare facilities and keeps in mind everyone who will come into contact with the hospitals and care spaces he works on, from the facility maintenance staff and clinical staff to the patients and their families. He has also spoken at international conferences on designing healthcare and lab spaces. Maximizing comfort and minimizing disruption drives his work.

Phone: (404)730-8552
Email: dchandler@newcomb-boyd.com
Duda David
David Duda, PE, CPP, PSP
Associate Principal, Security Studio Director

The Newcomb & Boyd Security Team is known for completing large, complex projects, such as federal courthouses and correctional facilities, on time and within budget. David’s focus in his role as Security Studio Director is to utilize his attention to detail to improve the quality and efficiency of the team’s process by enhancing Quality Control efforts and refining the master documents and tools.

Phone: (404)730-8526
Email: dduda@newcomb-boyd.com
Moore David
David Moore
IT Technician

David, a skilled IT Technician, approaches tasks with a commitment to getting things done right the first time. Beyond work, he engages in hobbies such as computer & tabletop games and photography.

Phone: (404)730-8610
Email: DMoore@newcomb-boyd.com
Jones Deanna
Deanna Jones
Associate, Business Development Professional

Deanna is a seasoned professional with a rich history in the construction industry, particularly for healthcare projects. Her focus on bringing people together, both in her personal and professional life, demonstrates her strong interpersonal skills and commitment to fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. Outside of work, Deanna enjoys backpacking, reading, and cherishing quality time with her family. Her passion for volunteering underscores her belief in the importance of giving back to the community.

Phone: (404)730-8492
Email: DJones@newcomb-boyd.com
Bett Denis
Denis Bett
Commissioning Professional

Denis, a Mechanical Engineer, is inspired by knowing the impact of his work goes beyond himself. He speaks three languages: English, Swahili, and Kalenjin. In his free time, Denis would love to take up flipping hardwood furniture. Denis’ favorite engineering class was thermodynamics, and his professional goals include earning his PE license and his MBA.

Phone: (404)448-1988
Email: DBett@newcomb-boyd.com
Connelly Dennis
Dennis Connelly, CPD
Associate Principal, Plumbing Designer

Dennis is an expert in commercial plumbing design and project management. With deep theoretical and practical knowledge of all types of drainage and venting systems and a wealth of knowledge in fluid or gas process systems, he is regarded as the firmwide source for all plumbing system questions. Denis is the leader of a team of engineers responsible for the design of a range of commercial and institutional facilities and is an active member of the Atlanta Chapter of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, where he has held the highest leadership positions.

Phone: (404)730-8497
Email: dconnelly@newcomb-boyd.com
Yohe Devin
Devin Yohe, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Devin, a Mechanical Engineer, specializes in higher education and healthcare facilities with significant experience in campus infrastructure including chiller and boiler plants. His focus on developing controls sequences, sizing equipment, and designing large-scale central mechanical systems showcases his technical prowess. Devin has always enjoyed a challenge, in fact, in high school he made three TV appearances for his hometown’s High-Q quiz show.

Phone: (404)730-8567
Email: DYohe@newcomb-boyd.com
Rivers Dexter
Dexter Rivers
Plumbing Engineer

Dexter is a Plumbing Engineer specializing in systems for healthcare, higher education, and commercial facilities. He has a natural interest in construction and grew up admiring his dad’s ability to fix everything. In his career, he strove to combine his passion for the construction industry with his desire to solve problems like his father. Dexter feels rewarded and accomplished anytime he sees a project of his come to life. Dexter studied architectural engineering at North Carolina A&T State University to understand how multiple disciplines work together. He regards attention to detail as the most important skill for any engineer.

Phone: (919) 571-2630
Email: DRivers@newcomb-boyd.com
Walker Donald
Donny Walker, PE, RCDD

Donny leads our Special Technologies Group and has a multitude of experience designing intelligent buildings and technologically sophisticated campuses. His background is in integrated design with network-enabled systems. Projects include aviation facilities, healthcare buildings, judicial facilities, advanced technology developments, military installations, data centers, mixed-use developments, performing arts, and higher education facilities. He is an intelligent buildings industry thought-leader and project facilitatorand has presented on Smart Building design at many national conferences.

Phone: (404)730-8521
Email: dwalker@newcomb-boyd.com
Murphy Ed
Ed Murphy
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Ed earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Georgia Southern University. His work includes mechanical systems design, identification of energy conservation measures (ECMs), and computing energy savings for potential ECMs. His market sectors include adaptive re-use, workplace, higher education, and healthcare.

Phone: (404)730-8470
Email: emurphy@newcomb-boyd.com
Nelken Eric
Eric Nelken, CTS-D
Audio-Visual Consultant

Eric is an Audio-Visual Consultant with a degree in computer graphics from North Georgia College and State University. He enjoys woodworking, hiking and camping with his family. His adventures include a trip to Kenya and another to Glacier National Park. Still on his bucket list is a visit to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Phone: (404)730-8408
Email: ENelken@newcomb-boyd.com
Rinehart Evan
Evan Rinehart
Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer, Evan, earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics from Wright State University before joining Newcomb & Boyd in 2022. Evan has experience designing systems for large, complex industrial and corporate complexes, as well as educational buildings, performance spaces, and government facilities. In his free time, you can find Evan playing soccer or tennis.

Phone: (404)730-8507
Email: erinehart@newcomb-boyd.com
Angelopoulos George
George Angelopoulos
Plumbing Engineer

George, a Plumbing Engineer, draws inspiration from his wife and son, who are the driving force behind his hard work. He believes that the plumbing code represents a minimum design standard and always strives to surpass expectations. George particularly recognizes the importance of project completion and takes pride in witnessing the finished design in use. Beyond his professional pursuits, George has a passion for working on cars and indulging in gaming.

Phone: (404)730-8415
Email: GAngelopoulos@newcomb-boyd.com
Meyer George
George Meyer
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

George is unwaveringly committed to crafting sustainable mechanical engineering solutions that seamlessly align with a client’s strategic goals, all while prioritizing functionality. His unique blend of collaborative finesse and technical expertise empowers him to deliver mechanical solutions that precisely meet the needs of each project. Recognized for his reliability and innovative mindset, he approaches each endeavor with a passion for ongoing growth and a genuine commitment to contributing to new projects. George finds peace in his favorite hobby — bowling and managing our company bowling teams.

Phone: (404)730-8562
Email: gmeyer@newcomb-boyd.com
Marroquin Gladys
Gladys Marroquin, CTS-D
Associate, Audio-Visual Consultant

Gladys is an Audio-Visual Designer. Not only is she skilled in the design of systems, but Gladys also has experience as a Systems commissioning professional, including installation oversight, observation and documentation of base building infrastructure, on-site systems troubleshooting, and client training. Gladys has experience with higher education and workplace facilities.

Phone: (404)730-8544
Email: gmarroquin@newcomb-boyd.com
Harris Greg
Greg Harris
Fire Protection Engineer

Greg graduated from The University of Georgia with his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and joined Newcomb & Boyd in 2023 as a Fire Protection Engineer. He prides himself on his adaptability and finds that it is the secret to success as an engineer. If he could tell new engineers anything, he’d encourage them not to be timid when it comes to collaborating with and learning from fellow engineers. His passion for fire protection started young; as a child, he always dreamed of being a firefighter.

Phone: (404)730-8584
Email: gharris@newcomb-boyd.com
Johnson Greg
Greg Johnson, PE

As a Partner, Greg is passionate about serving our owners and architectural clients and assisting them in identifying and achieving their goals. Listening to and truly caring about the client’s goal is at the heart of Greg’s work. He is simultaneously proud and humbled to be a part of the teams that take ideas and turn them into reality, be it a children’s hospital, a higher education building, a research lab, or any other number of facilities. Greg has spoken nationally about sustainability and lab design, in addition to publishing several articles on these topics. He brings his goal-oriented mindset to all areas of life, and has run ten marathons and completed five Ironman triathlons.

Phone: (404)730-8465
Email: gjohnson@newcomb-boyd.com
Peshek Hannah
Hannah Peshek
Electrical Engineer

Hannah is an Electrical Engineer whose core values of community and integrity shape the work she does. She finds that her work allows her to take an active role in shaping her city and beyond. She is driven to keep learning and growing, adhering to the belief that “the day you stop learning is the day you die.” In her spare time, Hannah can be found reading in the park, bookbinding, or volunteering at any number of organizations around the city.

Phone: (404)730-8582
Email: hpeshek@newcomb-boyd.com
Macoy Healey
Healey Macoy, PE
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Healey, a Mechanical Engineer, embarked on her professional journey as a co-op student at Newcomb & Boyd. Her passion lies in designing mechanical systems, a sentiment she humorously encapsulates by claiming that HVAC stands for “Healey Values Air Conditioning.” Across diverse market sectors, Healey revels in the challenges that come with projects, particularly those involving complex acoustical requirements. Known for her boundless enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, Healey approaches her work with joy and a can-do attitude. Beyond her professional pursuits, she proudly carries on a family tradition as the fifth generation to graduate from the esteemed Georgia Institute of Technology.

Phone: (404)730-8506
Email: hmacoy@newcomb-boyd.com
Hewitt Henry
Henry Hewitt
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Henry encompasses a wealth of experience as a seasoned mechanical engineer and adept project manager. Specializing in lab buildings, his proficiency shines in system load calculations and equipment sizing, where he meticulously considers the thermodynamic characteristics of each space. With a joyful, considerate, and diligent approach, Henry fosters a collaborative and innovative team environment. Beyond his professional achievements, Henry finds enjoyment in reading and hiking.

Phone: (843)574-8743
Email: hhewitt@newcomb-boyd.com
McGrath Ian
Ian McGrath
Electrical Engineer

Ian is an Electrical Engineer who received his degree from Georgia Southern University. He considers being able to learn and listen well the two most important skills for any engineer. He is known for bringing his easygoing nature, kindness and hard work ethic to everything he does.

Phone: (404) 458-9515
Email: IMcGrath@newcomb-boyd.com
Olsen Ian
Ian Olsen
Intelligent Buildings Consultant

Over the past 15 years, Ian has seen the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry through multiple vantage points. From hands-on field work with structured cabling installation, network engineering, and administration, to coordinating MEP scopes for ground-up and retrofit projects with a general contractor, he is now consulting on Intelligent Building design. With years of experience in data center, healthcare, and higher education markets he is helping bridge the gap between bricks and bytes in the world of digital advancement and construction technology.

Phone: (404)594-5135
Email: IOlsen@newcomb-boyd.com
Shvets Igor
Igor Shvets, RCDD
Associate Principal, Communications Consultant

Igor, a skilled Project Manager and Communications Sonsultant, showcases a profound understanding of low voltage systems encompassing communications, electronic safety and security, and audio-visual systems. His specialized knowledge extends to healthcare technology design and campus master planning. Guided by a proactive mindset, Igor emphasizes the seamless integration of building systems that meet current needs and anticipate future requirements. As a true engineer at heart, Igor thrives on the challenge of finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Outside of his professional endeavors, he enjoys his hobbies of youth counseling and photography.

Phone: (404)730-8543
Email: ishvets@newcomb-boyd.com
Mackey Jabre
Jabré Mackey
Administrative Resources

Jabré is a member of the Administrative Resources team. He values honesty and respect, and is characterized by his patience, attention to detail, and understanding. Jabré has a passion for performing arts and sports and lives his life by the idea that “a positive attitude changes everything.”

Phone: (404)730-8529
Email: jmackey@newcomb-boyd.com
San Fratello Jack
Jack San Fratello
Associate, Commissioning Professional

Jack is a commissioning professional who earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Georgia. He prides himself on being a problem solver. Some of his hobbies include working with tools, electronics, and audio equipment.

Phone: (404)730-8487
Email: jsanfratello@newcomb-boyd.com
Curry James
James Curry, PMP
Senior Associate, Intelligent Buildings Consultant

James is an Intelligent Buildings Consultant. One of James’ key focuses is on cyber security, as it plays a crucial role in modern Building Controls Upgrade projects. He strives to be seen as responsive, intelligent, and reliable by his clients, believing that intelligence enhances products and services, responsiveness drives client engagement, and reliability fosters long-term relationships.

Phone: (404)730-8428
Email: jcurry@newcomb-boyd.com
Humphrey James
James Humphrey
Plumbing Engineer

James is a Plumbing Engineer who has experience designing systems for military facilities and complex labs. He is skilled in the use of Revit and CAD and has particular expertise in designing medical gas systems.

Phone: (404)730-8468
Email: JHumphrey@newcomb-boyd.com
Kennel Janine
Janine Kennel
Mechanical Engineer

Janine, a Mechanical Engineer, began at Newcomb & Boyd as a Co-Op and Intern. She attended Kennesaw State University where she studied Mechanical Engineering Technology. Janine is passionate about anime, chainmail, and doing good for others.

Email: Jkennel@newcomb-boyd.com
Larger Jared
Jared Larger
Electrical Engineer

Starting as a co-op studying Electrical Engineering at Kennesaw State University, Jared joined as an Electrical Engineer. He has worked on a variety of projects and is passionate about the work he does. Some of his hobbies include reading Harry Potter, jogging, and building computers.

Phone: (404)730-8607
Email: jlarger@newcomb-boyd.com
Conner Jason
Jason Conner, PE
Associate Principal, Charleston Office Director

Jason is an Electrical Engineer and the Director of the Charleston office. While his focus has been primarily on military projects, he has successfully overseen numerous ventures in higher education, government facilities, and healthcare. The collaborative spirit in the office fuels Jason’s optimism, and he aims for success through leveraging the capabilities of his dedicated teammates. In addition to his leadership role, Jason serves as an engineer in the United States Naval Reserve, holding the rank of Commander.

Phone: (843)574-8731
Email: jconner@newcomb-boyd.com
Rogers Jason
Jason Rogers, CTS-D
Audio-Visual Consultant

As an Audio-Visual Consultant, Jason has experience in audio-visual systems for corporate, higher education, and government-owned facilities. He received his degree in Recording Arts and Sciences with a specialization in Jazz Saxophone Performance from Johns Hopkins University. A few of Jason’s hobbies include woodworking, disc golf, and making music.

Phone: (404)730-8559
Email: jrogers@newcomb-boyd.com
Hawkins Jeff
Jeff Hawkins
Plumbing Engineer

Jeff, a Plumbing Engineer, finds that the most important skills for any engineer are coordination and calculations. He continues to find his career fulfilling because there is always something new to learn. While at Seminole State College, his favorite class was computer drafting. His first design was a hematology lab and his favorite project to date was White Oak Medical Center.

Phone: (404)448-2323
Email: JHawkins@newcomb-boyd.com
Linde Jeff
Jeff Linde, PE

Jeff’s extensive experience in working on research laboratory projects, particularly those located on college campuses highlights his expertise in this specialized field. His involvement in these projects over the years has provided him with a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges associated with research laboratory design. What stands out about Jeff is his genuine belief that the buildings he designs have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Phone: (404)730-8473
Email: jlinde@newcomb-boyd.com
Jagani Jenisa
Jenisa Jagani
Mechanical Engineer

Jenisa holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and a business administration minor from North Carolina State University. She is especially interested in 3D design and the thermal sciences and has always been passionate about discovering the way everything works. Jenisa can also speak Gujarati.

Phone: (919)786-2746
Email: jjagani@newcomb-boyd.com
Fahie Jenson
Jenson Fahie, CPD
Plumbing Engineer

As a Plumbing Engineer, Jenson is particularly skilled in mixed-use building plumbing design. He was inspired to pursue a career in engineering due to his love for solving problems and his creative abilities. A fun fact about Jenson is that in 2019 he became a licensed minister. A few of his hobbies include music production, song writing, and vintage bicycle restoration.

Phone: (404)730-8545
Email: JFahie@Newcomb-boyd.com
Clements Jessica
Jessica Clements, INCE-USA
Associate Principal, Acoustics Studio Director

With a love of music and excellence in math and science, Jessica found that the field of Acoustics perfectly embodied her talents. Jessica is a dedicated and passionate acoustical designer who takes pride in creating spaces that not only look good but also sound good. She believes that acoustics should seamlessly blend into the overall design and aims to create spaces that make people feel good. Jessica is actively engaged in the Acoustical Society of America and Women in Acoustics.

Phone: (404)730-8429
Email: jclements@newcomb-boyd.com
Cyganek Jim
Jim Cyganek
HVAC Controls Specialist

Jim, an HVAC Controls Specialist, has substantial control system design, installation, operation, integration, and troubleshooting expertise. He has experience working on projects for large corporate campuses, airports, and hospitals. His familiarity in HVAC systems extends to an understanding of central plant heating and cooling, air- and water-side economizers, variable-flow systems, and energy efficient control sequence design for complex systems.

Phone: (404)730-8561
Email: JCyganek@newcomb-boyd.com
Park Joanne
Joanne Park
Mechanical Engineer

Former co-op student, Joanne recently joined the firm full-time as a Mechanical Engineer. She describes herself as easy-going and logical. Her favorite books are the Harry Potter series.

Phone: (404)730-8416
Email: ypark@newcomb-boyd.com
Hackman Joe
Joe Hackman
Acoustical Consultant

Joe began as a Co-Op and later joined as an Acoustical Consultant. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Music Technology and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Joe’s passion for music led him to a career in Acoustics. In his free time, he enjoys photography and playing the drums.

Phone: (404)730-8611
Email: jhackman@newcomb-boyd.com
Wells Joel
Joel Wells
Associate Principal, Plumbing Engineer

Joel is a Plumbing Engineer with design experience for both commercial and institutional projects. His experience includes more than 190 projects for new and renovated facilities. Conversant in the complexities of scientific, laboratory, and healthcare facilities, Joel has been published on the topic of locating plumbing utilities.

Phone: (404)730-8505
Email: jwells@newcomb-boyd.com
Akers John 2
John Akers, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, John has extensive knowledge of project management and the design of building mechanical systems from preliminary design through construction completion. His experience includes sports facilities, convention centers, laboratories, healthcare facilities, as well as projects within the correctional, aviation, commercial, and military sectors. John’s design experience includes many types of HVAC systems, building automation and energy management systems, cogeneration, central plants, thermal storage systems and heat recovery systems. In his free time, John enjoys playing music and camping.

Phone: (404)730-8421
Email: jakers@newcomb-boyd.com
Garrettson John
John Garretson
Associate, Acoustical Consultant

John, an Acoustical Consultant, has expertise that spans various sectors, including healthcare, K-12, higher education, hospitality, corporate, multi-family residential, and industrial. He is well-versed in architectural, environmental, and room acoustics. Additionally, his proficiencies include acoustical isolation, mechanical equipment noise and vibration control, field testing, and environmental noise measurement and modeling. John is dedicated to creating quality environments for people to live, work, and play, and he believes that acoustical considerations are essential in intelligently designing the built environment to impact people’s lives positively. Outside of work, he enjoys playing soccer, following Chicago sports, traveling, and on the weekends, you might find him relaxing on a lake.

Phone: (404)730-8572
Email: jgarretson@newcomb-boyd.com
Tokaji John
John Tokaji, PSP
Associate Principal, Security Consultant

John has over 30 years of experience in security design and project management for commercial and institutional projects. He is responsible for more than 150 projects and has published and presented on topics relating to security awareness. John has exceptional skills in security design for office towers, museums, healthcare facilities, governmental buildings, performing arts centers, aviation facilities, high-rise condominiums, and higher education campuses. Throughout his career, John has enjoyed experiencing all facets of the industry, from fieldwork to sales, to project management and systems engineering. John’s attention to detail allows him to create solutions to address the security needs of clients.

Phone: (404)730-8519
Email: jtokaji@newcomb-boyd.com
Williams John
John Williams
Commissioning Professional

John is a commissioning professional and has worked on the installation, startup, service, and commissioning of systems as well as troubleshooting and commissioning systems from chilled water to variable refrigerant flow systems and air systems. His experience with Building Automation makes him invaluable when troubleshooting is needed, and he has significant expertise with refrigeration systems. A few of John’s hobbies include fishing, gardening, and restoring old cars.

Phone: (404)730-8436
Email: JWilliams@newcomb-boyd.com
Bair JB
Jonathan Bair
Mechanical Engineer

As an experienced Mechanical Engineer, Jonathan has extensive design and project management experience in commercial and institutional projects. His areas of expertise include health care and academic facilities. Jonathan is passionate about problem solving with his team members. Outside of work, you can find him perfecting his golf game.

Phone: (404)730-8619
Email: JBair@newcomb-boyd.com
Henschen Josef
Josef Henschen, CTS-D, CTS-I
Associate Principal, Audio-Visual Consultant

With many years of experience in the design and construction industry, Josef’s work has included audio-visual system design for more than 120 projects, including many in the higher education, government, and performing arts sectors. He possesses the in-depth knowledge necessary to determine the correct solution to audio-visual requirements, and thoroughly considers the needs and budgetary concerns of the client. Josef is passionate about combining emerging audio-visual technologies with proven best practices to help clients realize their technology goals. In his free time, he enjoys cooking.

Phone: (404)730-8573
Email: jhenschen@newcomb-boyd.com
Brisbane Josh
Josh Brisbane
Associate Principal, Security Consultant

Josh, an experienced Security Consultant, sees his work as more than just a job—it’s a mission to safeguard what matters most to clients. With specific experience in commercial and institutional projects, he strives to deliver optimal security solutions through keen attention to detail. In Josh’s free time, he enjoys fitness, golf, and indulging in the world of Star Wars. Josh is actively involved in the praise and worship ministry at Mount Paran North Church of God and spends his weekends cheering for his kids at their sporting events.

Phone: (404)730-8564
Email: jbrisbane@newcomb-boyd.com
Finglass Josh
Josh Finglass
Mechanical Engineer

Josh has a natural knack for picturing the way things work and this innate understanding played a part in guiding him toward a career in mechanical engineering. Josh holds degrees in both physics and mechanical engineering. In his free time, he enjoys 3D printing, training dogs – in fact, becoming a K-9 handler is a dream of his –, and playing lacrosse. He also volunteers with and acts as an ambassador for Israel Lacrosse, an organization through which he was able to teach lacrosse to at-risk youth in Israel.

Phone: (404)448-2134
Email: JFinglass@newcomb-boyd.com
Walker Josh
Josh Walker, RCDD, ECSE-A
Senior Associate, Communications Consultant

Josh specializes in building technology infrastructure. His impressive list of credentials includes Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), ECSE Eakhau Advanced Wireless Design Certified, and ECSE-D Eakhau Advanced Wireless Design Certified, along with his affiliation with BICSI. Josh’s commitment to honesty, straightforwardness, and correctness underscores his reliability and trustworthiness as a professional. These qualities are especially crucial when dealing with complex technology projects where precision and accuracy are paramount to meet client needs effectively.

Phone: (404)730-8534
Email: jwalker@newcomb-boyd.com
Garcia Juan
Juan Garcia
Electrical Engineer

Juan is an Electrical Engineer specializing in power and lighting systems design for healthcare and higher education facilities. Juan’s role at Newcomb & Boyd goes beyond just CAD design work. He doubles as a consultant, providing valuable guidance to architects and building owners to ensure efficient and code-compliant construction projects.

Phone: (404)730-8600
Email: jgarcia@newcomb-boyd.com
Hamilton Julano
Julano Hamilton
Plumbing Engineer

Julano, a Mechanical Engineer, who started at Newcomb & Boyd as a co-op in 2021, considers problem solving any engineer’s key to success. Relationship-building and networking are skills he is passionate about, and his favorite class in school was engineering graphics. His affinity for his field stems from an early interest in taking things apart to understand their inner workings, and he enjoys participating in various community outreach opportunities when he can, including Habitat for Humanity, Peachtree Farm, volunteering with the Special Olympics, Feed the Homeless Outreach, and Adopt-A-Road. When he has the time, Julano enjoys 3D printing, reading, football, basketball, and video games.

Phone: (404)730-8608
Email: JHamilton@newcomb-boyd.com
Johnson Juli
Juli Johnson, PE
Principal, HVAC Studio Director

Juli, a Mechanical Engineer, demonstrates her passion for design and problem-solving through her love for buildings. With expertise in healthcare buildings, Juli’s engineering philosophy centers on future-oriented thinking and staying abreast of industry innovations. She emphasizes effective communication, understanding client goals, and fostering open dialogue. With a focus on serving the greater good, she guides individuals toward happiness and success. Beyond work, Juli is a pianist, self-taught church organist, and choir contributor. Her proudest achievement is her family.

Phone: (404)730-8592
Email: jjohnson@newcomb-boyd.com
Collins Justin
Justin Collins, PE
Associate Principal, Commissioning Studio Director

Justin is at the forefront of commissioning services. While Justin doesn’t limit himself to a specific specialty, he has extensive experience in commissioning pharmacies, which can be applied to various other types of spaces. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Georgia, LEED Accredited, and a CETA Certified Professional for Sterile Compounding Facilities.

Phone: (404)730-8554
Email: jcollins@newcomb-boyd.com
Davis Justin
Justin Davis
Plumbing Engineer

As a Plumbing Engineer, Justin has gained vast experience ranging from higher education to healthcare. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and uses his skills to create innovative solutions. Outside of work, he enjoys playing guitar, backpacking, and skiing.

Phone: (404)730-8524
Email: jdavis@newcomb-boyd.com
Hamby Kelsey
Kelsey Hamby
Electrical Engineer

Kelsey is an accomplished Electrical Engineer with a wealth of experience in the field. He has tackled a wide range of projects, from designing intricate electrical networks to troubleshooting complex issues in existing systems. Kelsey’s proudest accomplishment is earning his electrical engineering degree, driven by his involvement in a robotics team and a keen interest in electrical aspects.

Email: KHamby@newcomb-boyd.com
Murphy Kelvin
Kelvin Murphy
Commissioning Professional

Kelvin is a Commissioning Professional with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. He is a member of ASHRAE, The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. A fun fact about Kelvin is that he is part of an amateur race team with Honda.

Phone: (404)730-8517
Email: kmurphy@newcomb-boyd.com
Pak Kenny
Kenny Pak
Commissioning Professional

Kenny is an experienced commissioning professional working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The Smithsonian, healthcare, high-rise workplace buildings, and college campuses. Previously, he served in the United States Navy for six years as a Nuclear Reactor Operator. Kenny has a large interest in fish aquariums, especially saltwater.

Phone: (404)730-8558
Email: KPak@newcomb-boyd.com
Luong Kevin
Kevin Luong
Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, Kevin has experience on a variety of projects from higher education to corporations to transportation. He describes himself as a curious and self-motivated team player. When he isn’t at work, you can find him playing video games, fishing, or creating custom keyboards.

Phone: (404)730-8603
Email: kluong@newcomb-boyd.com
Schofill Kevin
Kevin Schofill
Commissioning Professional

Kevin has over 25 years of experience in Electrical power generation and distribution as well as construction and facilities maintenance.  He has been a licensed Master Electrician for 22 years and has worked primarily on the commissioning of Data Centers for the past 7 years.

Email: KSchofill@newcomb-boyd.com
Abebe Kidane
Kidane Abebe, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Kidane is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in the design of mechanical systems. He has worked in project management and design for more than 100 higher education and healthcare projects. Kidane was named a Senior Associate in 2021. Outside of work he enjoys playing tennis, volleyball, and riding his mountain bike.

Phone: (404)730-8469
Email: kabebe@newcomb-boyd.com
Barringer Cook Kirsten
Kirsten Barringer-Cook
Associate, Acoustical Consultant

Kristen has extensive experience as a designer and consultant in architectural and environmental acoustics. Kirsten has particular expertise in the fields of education, worship and performing arts, retail and mixed-use, multifamily residential, athletic/sports facilities, hospitality, and film and recording. One of her significant areas of focus is on office tenant fit ups, particularly those pursuing sustainability credits like LEED and WELL.

Phone: (404)730-8460
Email: kbarringer-cook@newcomb-boyd.com
Kuipers Kris
Kris Kuipers, CTS-D, CTS-I
Associate Principal, Audio-Visual Consultant

Kris, an Audio-Visual Engineer, is a skilled problem solver and creative enthusiast. Specializing in theatrical systems and audio, he brings a unique user perspective to projects and is recognized as an expert in court technology systems. Described as energetic and passionate, Kris received a Presidential Volunteerism Award in 2013 for his work with the 501st Legion and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In his leisure time he enjoys diverse hobbies such as woodworking, brewing, and hosting parties.

Phone: (404)730-8532
Email: kkuipers@newcomb-boyd.com
Bass Kylee
Kylee Bass
Associate, Project Accountant

As a Project Accountant, Kylee works closely with Project Managers, Partners, and Clients overseeing and addressing the financial needs of the organization.

Phone: (404)730-8419
Email: kbass@newcomb-boyd.com
Lee Kyusok
Kyusok Lee
Plumbing Engineer

Kyusok, a Plumbing Engineer, holds a mechanical engineering degree from Tennessee Technological University. If he could go anywhere, he’d love to go to the fjords in Norway.

Phone: (404)730-8402
Email: KLee@newcomb-boyd.com
Mosleh Laila
Laila Mosleh
Lighting Designer

Laila is a Lighting Designer who got her degree in Architectural Engineering from Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport. A fun fact about Laila is she is fluent in both French and Arabic.

Email: LMosleh@newcomb-boyd.com
Thomas Latravious
Latravious Thomas
Electrical Engineer

Latravious, an Electrical Engineer, values adaptability and strives to learn more each day. He acts as a mentor for the newer engineers, teaching them best practices and the reasoning behind decisions. In each of his designs, functionality and futureproofing are at the forefront of his mind. Latravious has experience designing electrical infrastructure for government facilities, auditoriums and religious spaces, museums, and education buildings.

Phone: (404)730-8462
Email: lthomas@newcomb-boyd.com
Rafter Laura
Laura Rafter, PE
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Laura, a Mechanical Engineer, feels productive by knowing she designs systems that get built. She enjoys designing systems that get built. For Laura, an interest in engineering ran in the family. Both her parents hoped to become engineers, and Laura was able to see that dream through. She recalls enjoying doing mechanically inclined activities with her dad growing up, like working on her car. On the weekends, you can find her with her twin boys, either fishing and swimming at the creek or out exploring in the national forest.

Phone: (404)730-8511
Email: lrafter@newcomb-boyd.com
Watson Lee
Lee Watson
Fire Protection Engineer

Lee has over 30 years of experience in the design of Fire Protection and life safety systems. His responsibilities have included project management and design of more than 2,160 projects. Lee’s extensive experience ranges from facilities assessments to new buildings.

Phone: (404)730-8410
Email: LWatson@newcomb-boyd.com
Harry Leeza
Leeza Harry
Project Accountant

Leeza is a member of the Accounting team who graduated from Georgia State University in 2023. She is adept at data entry, maintaining departmental records, and processing purchase orders. Leeza is self-motivated and a strong communicator and leader and she is particularly passionate about teamwork.

Phone: (404)730-8590
Email: LHarry@newcomb-boyd.com
Woolward Lindsay
Lindsay Woolward
Security Consultant

Lindsay is a Security Consultant with a degree in Theater Director from Macalester College. Lindsay speaks English, Spanish, and Japanese, and is a dual citizen of the United States and the United Kingdom. When he has the time, he enjoys going camping.

Phone: (404)730-8525
Email: LWoolward@newcomb-boyd.com
Albanese Liz
Liz Albanese
Personnel Assistant

Liz, Newcomb & Boyd’s recruiter and a member of the personnel department, holds a degree in Business Administration from Auburn University. She is passionate about finding and facilitating the best possible matches for the company, and she values making a positive first impression on each candidate or new employee. Liz brings her positive attitude to everything she does and practices staying present in every moment.

Phone: (404)730-8459
Email: lalbanese@newcomb-boyd.com
Joiner Lori
Lori Joiner
Associate, IT Technician

Throughout her career, Lori, an IT Technician, has helped others do their work better and more efficiently using technology. She is energized by finding solutions to problems and seeing them through to completion, successfully working on initiatives such as helping to secure $15 million in SPLOST funds for technology in classrooms during her over twenty-five years in the public sector. Her years of knowledge from collaborating with accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds – from federal judges to educators, and now to our own expert engineers – Lori uses her extensive skillset of management and strategic planning tools to aid our engineers day-in and day-out.

Phone: (404)730-8463
Email: ljoiner@newcomb-boyd.com
Parker Lucas
Lucas Parker
Senior Associate, Communications Consultant

Lucas specializes as a security and communications consultant. Notably, Lucas is cross-trained in all low-voltage systems, showcasing his versatility in dealing with a range of technologies. What sets Lucas apart is his proud connection to four generations in the construction industry. This deep-rooted involvement in the construction field provides him with a unique perspective and a rich understanding of the industry’s evolution over time.

Phone: (404)730-8480
Email: lparker@newcomb-boyd.com
Bumgardner Luke
Luke Bumgardner, PE
Senior Associate, Commissioning Professional

Luke has over 3 years of experience in optimizing building operations and performance. He has experience with healthcare, government, and laboratory facilities.

Phone: (404)730-8417
Email: lbumgardner@newcomb-boyd.com
Herrig Lynda
Lynda Herrig, PE
Associate Principal, Business Development Director

With a strategic way of thinking and an unshakable faith that everyone is connected, Lynda fits right into the role of Business Development Director. The Business Development team focuses on building relationships, making connections, and telling the stories of some of our projects that positively impact society — like the highly sustainable, patient-centric Winship Cancer Institute at Emory Midtown. She is excited about the opportunities in engineering regenerative, intelligent, and healthy buildings. Lynda believes the commitment to decarbonization in the private and public sectors has put us in a profound shift in the industry, and she is excited about the opportunity to help guide our clients on that path regardless of their timeframe.

Phone: (404)730-8461
Email: lherrig@newcomb-boyd.com
Manning Lyndee
Lyndee Manning
Fire Protection Engineer

Lyndee, a Fire Protection Engineer with experience working on complex higher education facilities and healthcare buildings, graduated from Boise State University with a mechanical engineering degree. In her free time, Lyndee enjoys coaching the swim team at her local YMCA.

Phone: (404)730-8425
Email: LManning@newcomb-boyd.com
Dueitt Madeline
Madeline Dueitt
Associate, Plumbing Engineer

Madeline, a Plumbing Engineer, graduated Cum Laude from Auburn University with a degree in mechanical engineering and has significant experience designing plumbing systems for higher education buildings, corporate campuses, and healthcare facilities. In her spare time, she enjoys live music and stand-up comedy.

Phone: (404)730-8435
Email: mdueitt@newcomb-boyd.com
Davis Madison
Madison Davis
Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator, Madison, has a journalism degree from the University of Georgia. She works on delivering responses to proposals and requests in a detailed and timely manner. In her spare time, you can find her at the beach with a book in her hand, at run club, or walking her dog.

Phone: (404)730-8436
Email: mdavis@newcomb-boyd.com
McClinton Marjon
Marjon McClinton
Mechanical Engineer

For Marjon, a Mechanical Engineer, the knowledge that almost everything he sees and interacts with was worked on by an engineer was part of the motivation behind pursuing his lifelong goal of having an engineering career. The feeling he gets knowing he has a hand in the design of buildings before the world sees the finished product makes the hard work worth it. In fact, seeing his designs come to life is the physical representation of his many hours of hard work.

Phone: (404)730-8455
Email: mmcclinton@newcomb-boyd.com
Azarraga Mark
Mark Azarraga, CPD
Associate Principal, Plumbing Engineer

Mark is a skilled Plumbing Engineer who embarked on his career journey with Newcomb & Boyd as a co-op. His responsibilities have included the design of more than 60 projects, including higher education, healthcare, laboratory, hospitality, and military facilities. He is conversant in the complex design of medical plumbing systems in hospitals, sustainable plumbing solutions, and food service plumbing systems in commercial kitchens. He loves being a part of an ever-changing industry and finding ways to be at the forefront of innovation.

Phone: (404)730-8596
Email: MAzarraga@newcomb-boyd.com
Bower Matt
Matt Bower
Electrical Engineer

Matt Bower is an Electrical Engineer whose expertise is prominently centered in the healthcare market.

Phone: (404)730-8464
Email: mbower@newcomb-boyd.com
DiPiro Matt
Matt DiPiro, PE
Principal, Electrical Studio Director

Matt’s role as a Principal and Electrical Engineer keeps him on his toes. He enjoys the challenge of maintaining a proactive mindset, keeping ahead of issues before they arise. Having joined the firm as a co-op, he brings a sense of reliability, dependability, and competence to every project, along with a friendly demeanor. His overarching goal is to have our clients walk away thinking they just had the best engineering experience of their career.

Phone: (404)730-8538
Email: mdipiro@newcomb-boyd.com
Eason Matt
Matt Eason, PE
Associate Principal, Electrical Studio Director

Electrical Studio Director, Matt, believes the key to building positive client relationships is staying available and responsive throughout the course of his projects. He approaches his work with the philosophy that consistency and learning to slow down allows for the best result. This, coupled with his ability to remain calm and look at things from multiple perspectives, drives him toward success. His propensity for logical thinking and his desire to build, make, and understand everything led him to pursue a career in engineering.

Phone: (404)730-8555
Email: meason@newcomb-boyd.com
Holland Matt
Matt Holland, RCDD
Senior Associate, Communications Consultant

Matt is an experienced Communications Consultant and project manager. He has expertise in communications infrastructure, grounding systems, equipment rooms, and data centers. Matt is proficient in Revit, CAD, and Navisworks.

Phone: (404) 436-2998
Email: MHolland@newcomb-boyd.com
Lawson Matt
Matt Lawson, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer, Matt’s motto is “safety first”; he is driven by the belief that safety is paramount in his designs and receives satisfaction knowing the systems he’s designed are safe for operators. Matt is particularly knowledgeable in electrical studies, including arc flash and coordination. His passion for problem solving means you can find him most weekends doing various repairs; when he isn’t engaged in fixing things around the house, he enjoys woodworking.

Phone: (404)730-8551
Email: mlawson@newcomb-boyd.com
Osborn Matthew
Matthew Osborn
Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer, Matthew’s curiosity about how math is applied in the real world is part of what led him to study engineering, and he graduated with a B.S. in Biological Engineering, with a biomedical emphasis, from the University of Georgia in 2019. The AEC industry excites him when he sees simple principles used through astounding applications.

Phone: (470)737-3389
Email: MOsborn@newcomb-boyd.com
Saunders Matt
Matthew Saunders
Associate, Fire Protection Designer

Matt has 11 years of experience in the drafting and design of fire protection systems. His responsibilities have included fire alarm and fire protection systems for various corporations and higher education institutions. Matt also has experience as a drafter for residential and commercial projects.

Phone: (404)730-8514
Email: msaunders@newcomb-boyd.com
Tanner Matthew
Matthew Tanner
Mechanical Engineer

Matthew graduated Georgia Southern University with a mechanical engineering degree. He has particular experience working on healthcare projects.

Phone: (404)730-8433
Email: mtanner@newcomb-boyd.com
Turk Matthew
Matthew Turk
Senior Associate, Intelligent Buildings Consultant

As an Intelligent Building Consultant, Matthew empowers owners and building operators by simplifying real estate management and elevating occupant experiences. He is an expert in crafting interoperable designs including robust and secure networks that facilitate the seamless exchange of data across various building systems. Matthew’s passion extends to developing comprehensive strategies for sustainable metering, system monitoring, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) platforms, cybersecurity, and data governance. In his free time, Matthew channels his creativity into woodworking, evident in the custom furniture that graces his home.

Phone: (404)730-8549
Email: mturk@newcomb-boyd.com
Peoples Maurice
Maurice Peoples, Jr.
Mechanical Engineer

Maurice is a Mechanical Engineer with proficiency in drafting. As a first-generation scholar, Maurice believes in challenging himself but also giving back to his community and support systems. You can often find him serving in his church’s hospitality ministry, participating in street cleanups, and putting together bags for those less fortunate. A strong proponent of the value of community and mentorship, Maurice is passionate about volunteering as a mentor himself and always welcomes the opportunity to network.

Phone: (404)730-8486
Email: mpeoples@newcomb-boyd.com
Shirley Max
Max Shirley, RESET AP
Associate Principal, Intelligent Buildings Studio Director

Max is a strategist and consultant on our Intelligent Buildings team. He keeps his finger on the pulse of technology in the built environment, allowing him to specialize in holistic, high-level planning and the IT/OT infrastructure layer. As someone who thrives on innovation, Max’s goal is to not only monitor, vet, and champion new market trends and technologies, but also enable and promote a culture of innovation among our peers to move the industry forward.

Phone: (404)730-8528
Email: mshirley@newcomb-boyd.com
Baugh Michael
Michael Baugh, II
Mechanical Engineer

From coffee machines to buildings, Mechanical Engineer, Michael has always been curious about the way things are made. This interest led him to pursue mechanical engineering as a career and he has since graduated from Georgia Tech and obtained his EIT license. Michael spends his free time reading, learning about history, and walking his dogs.

Phone: (404)730-8516
Email: MBaugh@newcomb-boyd.com
Burch Michael
Michael Burch, CTS, CTS-D
Associate, Audio-Visual Consultant

With 23 years of experience, Michael excels in the project management of multiple projects with overlapping design schedules, assisting clients in determining the best system for their needs and value engineering without compromising quality. His portfolio comprises judicial facilities, auditoriums, and event and meeting spaces.

Phone: (404)730-8591
Email: mburch@newcomb-boyd.com
Clanahan Michael
Michael Clanahan
Assistant Aviation Project Manager

Michael is an Assistant Aviation Project Manager with experience developing continuous improvements throughout planning and implementation phases of projects. He has a history of establishing and enforcing adherence to standards of excellence. Michael is well versed in mentoring and guiding associates to exceed client and stakeholder expectations and is constantly cultivating innovative ideas and encouraging new ideas that drive growth.

Email: MClanahan@newcomb-boyd.com
MacMahon Michael
Michael MacMahon
Associate Principal, Operational Technology Director

Michael specializes in building system technology, operational processes, and people. He is a technology generalist with a high aptitude for assimilating new technologies with old ones, creating innovative ways for people to benefit from their use. He views our intellectual property as the means to consistently deliver successful projects, as well as the opportunity to form long-term client relationships based on trust and integrity.

Phone: (734)489-6147
Email: mmacmahon@newcomb-boyd.com
Brown Mike
Mike Brown
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Mike is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive leadership and project management experience. His experience spans numerous industries but focuses heavily on healthcare, laboratory, and corporate market sectors where he uses a collaborative service approach to provide his clients with robust, cost effective, and innovative design solutions, keeping the user experience at the forefront.

Email: MBrown@newcomb-boyd.com
Holcombe Miles
Miles Holcombe
Senior Associate, Security Consultant

Miles is a Security Consultant with a lifelong interest in building and a true enjoyment in his work to keep people as safe as possible. He specializes in high-rise building electronic security and site protection assessments and brings his excellent organizational and design skills into everything he does. You can find him either in his garden or in his favorite reading chair with a history book on any given weekend, unless he is running a 5K in support of a local cause. His personal motto? “It only takes a small stone to slay a giant.”

Phone: (404)730-8450
Email: mholcombe@newcomb-boyd.com
Patel Miral
Miral Patel
Audio-Visual Consultant

Miral, an Audio-Visual Consultant, enjoys creating immersive experiences that evoke emotion. He specializes in BIM and IT networking and brings his software programming knowledge to each of his designs. Miral values authenticity in all areas of his life and staying attuned to clients’ needs through excellent listening, two skills that shine through in all his work. Witnessing the ingenuity and creative problem-solving of his father and uncle as a boy when the pair opened a metal fabrication factory inspired Miral’s passion for engineering. The tangible impact of their work ignited his passion for a field that would allow him to innovate and solve challenges in an evolving world.

Phone: (404)730-8556
Email: mpatel@newcomb-boyd.com
Costley Mitch
Mitch Costley, PhD, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Mitch is a seasoned Electrical Engineer, whose expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, including short circuit analysis, selective coordination, arc flash studies, engineering forensics, and custom testing, His focal point lies in emergency power systems and power system studies, where his reputation is built on being recognized for his meticulous and thorough approach to his profession. Mitch’s expertise is not only extensive but also deeply valued within the industry. In his spare time, Mitch enjoys rock climbing and playing guitar.

Phone: (404)730-8550
Email: mcostley@newcomb-boyd.com
Bauer Molly
Molly Bauer
Marketing Coordinator

Molly is a Marketing Coordinator in the Raleigh office. She is a graduate of Meredith College with a degree in Mass Communication and Professional Writing. She works closely with various departments to deliver proposals and resumes along with graphic design requests. In her free time, she enjoys baking, hiking, and antiquing.

Phone: (919)784-9163
Email: MBauer@newcomb-boyd.com
Margo Moses
Moses Magro
Senior Associate, Director Design Technoloy

Moses is the Director of Design Technology at Newcomb & Boyd with expertise in BIM and the overall digital delivery and production of the industry. He specializes in BIM management, automation, and digital transformation. He has successfully implemented BIM adoption and digital transition programs for a number of AEC firms, including creating best-in-class training programs from scratch for Revit and BIM onboarding processes.

Phone: (404)596-4076
Email: MMagro@newcomb-boyd.com
Anthony Nate
Nate Anthony
Mechanical Engineer

Nate has a Petroleum Engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma and designed mechanical systems for healthcare facilities, large corporate campuses, and airports. Nate is passionate about history, particularly the Eastern Roman Empire.

Phone: (404)730-8522
Email: NAnthony@newcomb-boyd.com
Travers Nathan
Nathan Travers, PE
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Nathan exemplifies a passion for continuous learning and knowledge sharing as a mechanical engineer. He is deeply committed to delivering cost-effective, energy-efficient HVAC solutions while ensuring clients understand the rationale behind his designs. Nathan’s reputation is built on his approachable nature, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. Beyond his professional expertise, Nathan holds a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, showcasing discipline and determination. Additionally, he is an avid tennis player.

Phone: (919)783-8997
Email: ntravers@newcomb-boyd.com
Aktas Naz
Naz Aktas
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Naz designs mechanical systems for commercial buildings, primarily labs and hospitals. As a dedicated team member, she spends most of her time working on projects and communicating with our internal design team across all trades. She feels fortunate to have coworkers across all disciplines who push her to do her best every day as an engineer.

Phone: (404)730-8443
Email: naktas@newcomb-boyd.com
Jenkins Nic
Nic Jenkins
Electrical Engineer

Nic, an Electrical Engineer, finds excitement in contributing to the design of electrical infrastructure for landmarks in the Southeast. His passion for engineering was sparked in the Electric Machine class during school, and his initial design project involved creating an RFID parking lot gate system. Beyond work, Nic indulges in activities like golf, archery, and fitness.

Email: NJenkins@newcomb-boyd.com
Efird Nick
Nick Efird, PE, CPD
Senior Associate, Plumbing Engineer

Nick, a Plumbing Engineer who began as a co-op, has designed a range of commercial buildings since the start of his time here, including hospitals, labs, and office buildings. Nick is responsible for all the “guts” of the building: the ductwork, plumbing piping, electrical conduit, and more. He has special expertise designing systems for labs and healthcare buildings, specifically in understanding what is needed from a med/lab gas perspective.

Phone: (404)730-8403
Email: nefird@newcomb-boyd.com
Rehbaum Nick
Nick Rehbaum, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Nick enjoys working with the entire project team of owners, architects, and consultants, and has a strong understanding of construction coordination. He spends much of his time communicating with clients to understand their needs and strategizing on the best approach to solve challenges. Building a relationship based on client satisfaction is top of mind for Nick. His approach is based on hard work, responsiveness, and trustworthiness.

Phone: (843)574-8739
Email: nrehbaum@newcomb-boyd.com
Schneider Nick
Nick Schneider, RCDD
Associate, Communications Consultant

Nick, a Communications Consultant, values collaborating with others to generate innovative solutions to complex problems. His deep understanding of TIA and BICSI standards allows him to provide robust and tailored solutions for each project. Nick, who began his career as a technician before becoming a communications consultant, finds it beneficial to envision how a system will be installed while he is designing. He has extensive knowledge about specialized research and medical labs, financial institutions, and courthouse technology design and implementation. He is an expert in fiber optic, wireless, and copper communications systems design and integration. His professional accomplishments include earning his RCDD at the age of 23. Genuine curiosity, empathy, and humility are a few of his deepest values.

Phone: (404)730-8500
Email: nschneider@newcomb-boyd.com
Eggleston Noah
Noah Eggleston, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Noah is a Mechanical Engineer who focuses on the commercial and mixed-use market segments. He spends most of his time communicating and coordinating with architects and other engineering professionals to ensure that everyone works together to achieve a great end product. He appreciates the collaborative atmosphere of the firm, and his clients appreciate his friendly and helpful demeanor.

Phone: (404)730-8439
Email: neggleston@newcomb-boyd.com
LaBrecque Patrick
Patrick LaBrecque
Senior Associate, Commissioning Professional

Patrick has over 25 years of experience in domestic and international electrical construction, maintenance, and commissioning. His wide range of expertise includes time as an electrical inspector and shock investigator for the Department of Defense during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is also an experienced project manager and commission agent in the construction, automotive, steel and data center industries. He was named Associate of the firm in 2021 and Senior Associate in 2022.

Phone: (810) 240-8829
Email: plabrecque@newcomb-boyd.com
Mihalik Patrick
Patrick Mihalik, LC, Assoc. IALD
Senior Associate, Lighting Designer

Patrick is an Architectural Lighting Designer who enhances space with light. He helps manage projects, set client expectations, and uses his industry knowledge to help make designs a reality. Patrick loves the flexibility of the firm and the diversity of projects. He believes in being honest and managing expectations, all while finding ways to support and enhance the architect’s vision.

Phone: (404)730-8495
Email: pmihalik@newcomb-boyd.com
Kitchens Paul
Paul Kitchens, PE

Paul is a Mechanical Engineer and passionate about working to ensure the serviceability of our systems. He is particularly knowledgeable of BIM and ventilation systems. He appreciates the knowledge he’s gained from owners over the years and enjoys the opportunity to never stop learning. He finds it especially gratifying when a project closes, and the team’s careful coordination allows the architecture to shine.

Phone: (919)783-8965
Email: pkitchens@newcomb-boyd.com
Maximuk Paul
Paul Maximuk
Senior Associate, Intelligent Buildings Consultant

Paul is an ambassador for smart building technology and data enablement for facility operations. He is an expert at merging existing and new building technologies to improve operational efficiencies utilizing building data to support decision making. His specialties include building operations, automated controls, IT networking and software integration. Paul is a visionary and a mentor, adept at building strong business relationships based on trust.

Phone: (734)743-2691
Email: pmaximuk@newcomb-boyd.com
Fox Pete
Pete Fox, PE
Senior Associate, Commissioning Professional

Pete has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction industry. He has a wide range of experience in mechanical engineering design, project management and commissioning of commercial and institutional projects. While with the firm, Pete has been responsible for more than 60 projects. Whether commissioning buildings on large campuses for higher education, governmental, office or healthcare clients, he has significant expertise in enabling buildings to function at their best.

Phone: (404)730-8437
Email: pfox@newcomb-boyd.com
Panchal Prashant
Prashant Panchal
Mechanical Engineer

The idea that he can contribute toward creating a better world for everyone through the thorough and thoughtful solving of problems inspires him. In fact, he has become known for conducting thorough site observations, which allow him to avoid future issues by understanding the problem early. His love for problem-solving carries over to his love for home improvement projects.

Phone: (404)730-8438
Email: PPanchal@Newcomb-Boyd.com
Bilbo Rachel
Rachel Bilbo, PE
Intelligent Buildings Consultant

Rachel is an Intelligent Buildings Consultant with vast experience implementing architectures such as SONET, MPLS, and Carrier Ethernet. She believes in intelligent buildings, you get a taste of the exciting, innovative world of Tech, while also getting to apply these new technologies to the integral critical infrastructure we all rely on in our daily lives. This intersection of industries allows for collaboration between diverse schools of thought and unique partnerships that lead to innovative solutions. With her personal passions of wanting improve our collective quality of life, reduce our impact to the environment, and always continuing to learn and grow in the process, she sees Intelligent Buildings consulting as a place where I can pursue it all.

Email: RBilbo@newcomb-boyd.com
Weber Rachel
Rachel Weber
Learning & Development Manager

Learning & Development Manager, Rachel, has her Educational Specialist degree from Piedmont College, with emphasis on curriculum and instruction. She enjoys creating training programs and courses helping employees further develop their skills. Her expertise extends beyond the individual to the company as a whole: she finds that understanding the goals and visions of each department is key to the company’s success. Rachel is passionate about rescuing and adopting animals, and in her free time, she can be found on the tennis court.

Phone: (404)458-1062
Email: RWeber@newcomb-boyd.com
Paez Rafael
Rafael Paez, PE
Associate, Commissioning Professional

commissioning professional, Rafael, is an expert in the optimization of electrical systems. With an electrical engineer father and early exposure to electrical power distribution systems helping to foster his interest, it was natural that Rafael would pursue a similar career. He has gone on to graduate with a BSEE from Georgia Tech and earn his PE license in Georgia. His work is guided by a few key principles: “Be consistent. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Share the knowledge.”

Phone: (404)730-8618
Email: RPaez@newcomb-boyd.com
Parker Randolph
Randolph Parker
Electrical Engineer

Randolph, an Electrical Engineer, is passionate about having a positive impact on society through designing power and energy systems for major infrastructure. Over the course of his career, Randolph has taken exceptional interest in designing electrical systems for multi-family high rises and educational facilities. In his leisure time, he enjoys international travel and discovering new cultures and traditions.

Phone: (404)730-8472
Email: RParker@newcomb-boyd.com
Seagreen Raury
Raury Seagreen, NICET
Associate, Fire Protection Engineer

Raury has over 9 years of experience in the design of fire protection systems for higher education, workplace, and healthcare facilities. Since the start of the year, he has contributed his expertise and been responsible for the design of over 20 projects.

Phone: (404)730-8520
Email: rseagreen@newcomb-boyd.com
Daniel Reade
Reade Daniel
Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Reade has over 3 years of experience in mechanical engineering design for new and renovated projects. His expertise includes commercial and workplace facilities, as well as higher education projects.

Phone: (919)783-8973
Email: rdaniel@newcomb-boyd.com
Daniel Remy
Remy Daniel
Lighting Designer

Remy is captivated by the synergy of design and science, particularly in influencing how we cultivate visual comfort through lighting. As a skilled lighting designer with a passion for crafting beautiful spaces, she not only excels in her profession but also assumes leadership roles as the Co-Leader and Secretary for the Atlanta Chapter of Women in Lighting and Design. Adding a unique dimension to her interests, Remy has ventured into the world of aviation, mastering the art of flying an airplane—an endeavor she shares with her father, a seasoned pilot.

Phone: (404)730-8499
Email: rcdaniel@newcomb-boyd.com
Farmer Richard
Richard Farmer, PMP, CEM, CMVP, CEA, CBCP
Associate, Intelligent Buildings Consultant

Richard is an experienced Intelligent Building Consultant specializing in building automation, energy audits, energy savings, and smart buildings. He is on the Guideline 36 ASHRAE Committee and the Controls Description Language Committee. When he is not focusing on energy conscious designs, Richard enjoys spending time outdoors hunting and fishing.

Phone: (404)730-8418
Email: rfarmer@newcomb-boyd.com
Dozier Ricky
Ricky Dozier, PE

Ricky spends most of his time working with our team to ensure that projects are designed and built with the client’s best interests in mind. He understands that the success of the firm is dependent on our capacity to form long-term relationships through a service mindset. Ricky has a wide range of project experience that helps him view things from a unique perspective, particularly in the realm of higher education. He has developed a strong reputation as reliable, intelligent, and honest.

Phone: (404)730-8494
Email: rdozier@newcomb-boyd.com
Grant Rob
Rob Grant, PE
Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer

Rob has been responsible for the Mechanical Engineering design of more than 60 projects, including higher education buildings, healthcare facilities, and military projects, totaling more than 6,800,000 square feet.

Phone: (404)730-8432
Email: rgrant@newcomb-boyd.com
Schroeder Robert
Robby Schroeder, III, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Robby, an Electrical Engineer and Team Leader, has expertise designing systems in the corporate, educational, healthcare, and science sectors. His passion for building stereo systems growing up led him to study electrical engineering. When he isn’t spending his free time on the golf course, he can be found woodworking.

Email: RSchroeder@newcomb-boyd.com
Lontoc Robert
Robert Lontoc, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Robert is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in mechanical engineering design and project management for institutional projects, including higher education campuses. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Robert is a current member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc). When he isn’t at work, Robert enjoys playing soccer.

Phone: (404)730-8440
Email: rlontoc@newcomb-boyd.com
Wyche Rodney
Rodney Wyche
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Rodney has 16 years of experience in the design of electrical systems. He has been responsible for electrical engineering of more than 50 projects, including those for healthcare facilities. He has extensive technical knowledge of power distribution systems and equipment, as well as electrical project estimating.

Phone: (404)730-8523
Email: rwyche@newcomb-boyd.com
Haldar Ronnie
Ronnie Haldar
Senior Associate, High Performance Energy Modeler

Ronnie has 5 years of experience and is skilled in the development of energy models for new and renovated facilities. His expertise includes numerous projects, including workplace and higher education facilities. While in graduate school, Ronnie created a conceptual design for a future shared Living Manufacturing Facility to be located on the Resource Innovation Campus, owned by the City of Phoenix. Throughout his career, Ronnie has demonstrated an adeptness with various design software, including Trane Trace, EnergyPlus, Rhinoceros+Gasshopper as well as knowledge of programming in C++ & Python and parametric analysis.

Phone: (404)730-8569
Email: shaldar@newcomb-boyd.com
Gagarin Ryan
Ryan Gagarin
Mechanical Engineer

Ryan, a dedicated Mechanical Engineer, consistently channels his utmost effort into every project he undertakes. Whether orchestrating sizable mechanical elements in confined spaces or fine-tuning load calculations amid evolving building envelopes, Ryan thrives on challenges. His specialized focus lies in the intricate design of core and shell labs, where he engages in meticulous planning for future adaptability. Embracing forward-thinking practices, Ryan integrates electrification and green building techniques, utilizing cutting-edge heat pump chillers. His expertise ensures precise environmental control in critical areas. Beyond the technical realm, Ryan aspires to leave a lasting impact on the world by designing buildings that withstand the test of time. In his leisure time, Ryan finds solace in his passion for hiking.

Phone: (919)785-2866
Email: rgagarin@newcomb-boyd.com
Prater Ryan
Ryan Prater, PE
Associate Principal, Electrical Engineer

As an experienced Electrical Engineer, Ryan is skilled in the design of government facilities, healthcare buildings, and laboratories. He is proficient in power distribution, lighting controls, arc flash studies, and emergency backup systems. Additionally, Ryan is affiliated with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. In his free time, he enjoys working on home projects, kayaking, and spending time at the beach.

Phone: (843)574-8735
Email: rprater@newcomb-boyd.com
Lizzio Sal
Sal Lizzio, PE
Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer

Sal began his Mechanical Engineering profession as a co-op with Newcomb & Boyd. He appreciates the impact his work has on society, whether it be hospitals where doctors work to save lives, labs where scientists conduct some of the world’s most important research, or city centers bustling with activity of communities. Sal looks forward to seeing project sustainability goals we may consider to be insurmountable today become standard practice.

Phone: (404)730-8527
Email: slizzio@newcomb-boyd.com
Harris Sam
Sam Harris
Plumbing Engineer

Sam’s career as a Plumbing Engineer was inspired by his fathers dedication and movies like “Meet the Robinsons” and “Interstellar”. His commitment to leadership, preparedness, and community service reflects his background as an eagle scout.

Phone: (843)867-4671
Email: sharris@newcomb-boyd.com
Isaac Sarah
Sarah Isaac
Marketing Coordinator

Sarah, a Marketing Coordinator, embraces the ever-evolving nature of her role. From crafting project qualifications to designing graphics to organizing socials, she welcomes any opportunity to channel her creativity. Beyond the office, she enjoys trying new foods and traveling, whether for a quick weekend getaway or trip overseas.

Phone: (404)730-8587
Email: sisaac@newcomb-boyd.com
Moreland Seth
Seth Moreland
IT Technician

Seth is an IT Technician who got his degree in IT Cybersecurity from Kennesaw State University. He plays an integral role in the IT department working on day-to-day functions and operations. If time and money weren’t a factor, Seth would love to get into auto racing.

Phone: (404)730-8407
Email: smoreland@newcomb-boyd.com
Lawlor Shane
Shane Lawlor, PE
Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer

Driven by an unwavering passion for the construction industry, Shane thrives in collaborative teams that shape impactful spaces, with a particular focus on healthcare environments. As a Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer, Shane specializes in controls utilizing innovative solutions to elevate client system operations. He approaches the distinctive features of each project with an unyielding determination to develop tailored solutions. Shane finds ease in the outdoors and enjoys fly fishing and camping.

Phone: (404)730-8475
Email: slawlor@newcomb-boyd.com
Parks Shawn
Shawn Parks, SHRM-CP
Associate, Human Resources Manager

Shawn is a Human Resources Manager committed to crafting a premier employee experience. Focusing on organizational and team effectiveness, he ensures that employees are equipped with the resources needed for seamless daily operations and provides support for personal matters. Shawn’s areas of proficiency encompass employee relations, process improvement, and cultivating a positive organizational culture. Recognized for his honesty, helpfulness, and approachability, Shawn fosters a harmonious and productive work environment. Shawn is passionate about being a great father and loves playing baseball with his sons, Jaylen and Preston.

Phone: (404)730-8542
Email: sparks@newcomb-boyd.com
Shirley Travis
Shirley Travis
Administrative Resources

Shirley, a member of the Administrative Resources team, has more than 40 years of technical support experience. Since joining Newcomb & Boyd in 1979, Shirley has been assisting with the preparation, input, and distribution of project-related information. Additionally, Shirley maintains automated and manual files, distributes information to project personnel and management, and maintains database files.

Phone: (404)730-8482
Email: stravis@newcomb-boyd.com
Sabu Shweta
Shweta Sabu, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

As an Electrical Engineer Shweta excels in deciphering the complexities of power management in existing buildings to make crucial decisions regarding metering. When faced with the challenge of powering a new construction, she is adept at finding the most cost-effective solutions for distributing power efficiently. Beyond her technical expertise, Shweta is widely regarded for her professional demeanor, kindness, and approachability, establishing her as a dependable and knowledgeable expert among colleagues and clients in the field. Outside of the workplace, Shweta enjoys trying new cuisines and baking.

Phone: (404)730-8451
Email: ssabu@newcomb-boyd.com
Vedanarayanan Shweta
Shweta Veda
Electrical Engineer

Shweta, an Electrical Engineer who received her B.S. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from The University of Georgia in 2023, considers each day a success if she knows more than she did yesterday. In her position, she appreciates the balance between technical work and client interaction and finds that adaptability is the most important skill for any engineer. If she could give future engineers any piece of advice, she would tell them to strive to be as well-rounded as possible; everyone can teach you something. It is a personal goal of hers to always stay open-minded, excited, and ready to learn.

Phone: (404)448-1650
Email: SVeda@newcomb-boyd.com
Chertin Stas
Stas Chertin, PE
Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Stas is a Mechanical Engineer with substantial experience in mechanical engineering design and project management of commercial and institutional facilities. He has been responsible for more than 120 projects and has extensive experience in the mechanical engineering design of projects on densely populated campuses, whether for public or private sector projects. Stas is a member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc).

Phone: (404)730-8477
Email: schertin@newcomb-boyd.com
Nafziger Stephanie
Stephanie Nafziger
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Stephanie, an Electrical Engineer, believes in designing energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly buildings that prioritize the well-being of occupants. Raised in an engineering family, Stephanie was taught to be solution-focused and seeks ways to improve the world. Outside of work, she dedicates her time to volunteering, particularly with youth development organizations like Boy With A Ball, where she contributes to programs promoting positive community impact. Stephanie also enjoys outdoor activities and home improvement projects in her leisure time.

Phone: (404)730-8476
Email: SNafziger@newcomb-boyd.com
Callaway Stephen
Stephen Callaway, PE
Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer

Stephen began his Electrical Engineering career as a co-op student with Newcomb & Boyd. His portfolio includes higher education buildings, workplace, and healthcare facilities. Beyond his professional achievements, he holds the prestigious title of Eagle Scout. In his free time, he enjoys engineering, producing and listening to music.

Phone: (404)730-8594
Email: scallaway@newcomb-boyd.com
Hummel Stephen
Stephen Hummel
Mechanical Engineer

Stephen, a Mechanical Engineer, is passionate about providing innovative and creative design solutions. He originally chose engineering as a career because he wanted to build rollercoasters. While he was at school at Georgia Tech, his favorite class was Heat Transfer, and his first design was a cigarette extinguisher for an airplane. Since then, his favorite project has been a utility building and chemical warehouse for a large silicon carbide semiconductor manufacturing facility. Stephen is an Eagle Scout and enjoys many activities, like rock-climbing, soccer, volleyball, music, and boardgames.

Phone: (404)448-2425
Email: SHummel@newcomb-boyd.com