Energy & Sustainability Services

Newcomb & Boyd’s Energy and Sustainability Group (ESG) provides clients with innovative solutions that elevate the level of building design, comfort, and performance. Only through fluid communication, a deep understanding of systems and synergies, and embracing the open-minded and collaborative spirit of integrated design, can we achieve truly high performance and sustainable projects. With this mission and philosophy in mind, the ESG serves as an engineering, sustainable design, and modeling resource for our clients and provides internal consulting across all services provided by the firm.

Georgia Tech Living Building

The Energy & Sustainability Group (ESG) works with owners and design teams to develop an integrated approach to each project. With a combined 30 years of mechanical engineering, high performance building design, and modeling expertise, coupled with Newcomb & Boyd’s more than eight decades of engineering leadership, the ESG team members understand building systems and services and their interrelationship with climate, site, form, function, and operational life cycle.

Newcomb & Boyd’s ESG team provides planning and design consulting services in the following areas:
• Benchmarking and performance targets
• Climate-based design
• Building envelope and glazing systems
• Daylighting, lighting and lighting controls
• Process & plug load management
• Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system selection and design
• Building water systems
• On-site power generation / cogeneration
• Renewable energy
• Building automation controls
• Commissioning
• Operations & maintenance
• Green building certifications
• LEED consulting

Newcomb & Boyd, while deeply committed to energy and water sustainability, has always held that the primary purpose of our consultancy has been to improve the human condition in the places we work, play, and live. A focus on human sustainability, directed toward health and wellness, leads to happier employees and higher productivity in the workplace.

We can assist you in the multifaceted approaches to designing for the health and wellness of your employees and visitors with an emphasis on:
• Indoor air quality
• Lighting quality
• Daylighting
• Circadian lighting
• Biophilia
• Active design
• Nourishment
• Productive acoustic design
Fitwel consulting
WELL Buildings consulting

In 2011, buildings in the United States consumed 40% of our energy, released 30% of domestic greenhouse gas emissions, and 38% of carbon dioxide emissions, and used nearly 13% of all potable water in the country. With new construction representing less than 2% of the inventory, improving the performance of our existing buildings represents a tremendous opportunity to positively affect resource conservation, air quality and the collective bottom line.

Our ESG team provides a suite of existing building energy and water consulting services designed to elevate building performance, including:
• Energy and water assessments
• Energy baselining
• System submetering & analysis
• Building energy optimization
• Retrocommissioning
• Operations & maintenance consulting
• Green building consulting
• Performance contracting consulting
• Energy Star
Fitwel consulting

Energy & Sustainability Consultants:

Brendan Gardes
Brendan Gardes, PE, CEM
Director, Energy and Sustainability
Danna Richey
Danna Richey, PE, GPCP, RESET Air AP
Mechanical Engineer, Fitwel Ambassador
James Curry, Intelligent Buildings Consultant
James Curry, PMP
Intelligent Building Consultant
Ronnie Haldar
Ronnie Haldar
High Performance Energy Modeler
Todd Mowinski, Partner
Todd Mowinski, PE

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