Tag: Video Surveillance

They go by many names. Security Operations Center (SOC), Security Command Center, Security Control Room, Global Command Center (GCC), Control Room, Command & Control Room, and Command & Control Center (CCC or C3) are just some of the variations used. We will use SOC in our discussion for brevity. As varied as the names are, for the most part, the functions are the same; to provide situational awareness for the facility, complex, site, or even multiple sites spread out across the globe. This situational awareness is provided through the use of video surveillance systems, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, and security communications systems (the basics), as well as visitor management systems, weather, news, and dashboards providing network intelligence, cyber security, and/or web & social intelligence. more

One of the most challenging aspects of designing modern video surveillance systems involves managing the Owner’s expectations. With the prevalence of large flat monitors and televisions in homes and the creative license of shows like CSI and NCIS, it is expected that security video cameras deployed on a site will provide crystal clear images where identification of a perpetrator will be possible regardless of the ambient light levels, weather conditions, or the perpetrator’s distance from the camera. more