Welcome Wednesday: Jacob Pullias


Jacob Pullias joins Newcomb & Boyd’s Consulting Engineering Group as an Electrical Engineer. He earned his Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from Virginia Military Institute in May of 2015. Jacob has previously worked as a Field Engineer for Electrical Power Systems in Salem, Virginia.

Jacob, who is originally from Peachtree City, Georgia, lives in Newnan, Georgia with his wife of one year, Heather, their newborn son, Griffin, and their three dogs, Sylar, Kacey, and Gibbs. He has served as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army Reserves for the past three and a half years. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys running and playing video games.

Jacob plays three instruments, the Flute, the Piccolo, and the Bagpipes, and was the Drum Major for his college band.

Jacob’s father is a Mechanical Engineer, which led him to the engineering field. He chose electrical engineering because it was the most diverse and offered the most variety of any engineering field.

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