Welcome Wednesday: Hampton Whatley

Hampton Whatley joins Newcomb & Boyd as an Intelligent Building Consultant. Hampton earned his Master of Science in Public Administration, Master of Science in Project Management, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from DeVry University.

With significant experience as a Global Technology Program Manager for a Fortune 100 company, Hampton is proficient in strategic planning and leadership. He possesses extensive knowledge in collaboration, experiential, network and digital communication technology, as well as with smart building and building automation system technology. Adept in finding cost-effective solutions that meet client requirements on schedule, Hampton has a proven ability to manage global multi-million dollar technology projects.

Hampton was drawn to Newcomb & Boyd for the opportunity to tangibly make a difference within the client base by working towards environmentally-friendly building operations. The combination of two of his passions, technology and construction, has made this opportunity perfect for him.

Hampton currently lives in Chamblee, GA with his children, Sam and Grace. In his spare time, Hampton enjoys kayaking, cooking, and carpentry. He considers himself a movie buff and prefers dogs over cats, Apple over Android, coffee over tea, and the mountains over the beach.
His favorite book is Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, his favorite tv show is “West Wing”, and the best thing he’s ever eaten was veggie lasagna from a Brooklyn/Flatbush Italian spot.

Passionate about making a difference, Hampton’s biggest pet peeve is seeing an issue and not changing the circumstances. He describes himself as dedicated, passionate, and reliable, and the best advice he’s received was, “Would you do it if your mother knew?”

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