Welcome Wednesday: Branden Bonner


Branden Bonner joins Newcomb & Boyd as a Cad/Revit Modeler. Branden is originally from Powder Springs, GA, but now lives in Rydal, GA with his wife, Ty.

Three words Branden would use to describe himself are loyal, patient, and persistent. The Star Wars series is Branden’s favorite for movies, books, and shows. A show he is binging right now is Mystic Quest.

The farthest Branden has ever been from home was to Seattle and his perfect vacation would be to a cabin in the mountains or a house on a beach. If time and money weren’t a factor, Branden’s ideal hobby would be traveling.

Branden is passionate about music and says the best concert he’s ever attended was Kamasi Washington. Two things he would bring to a deserted island are his wife and lots of rum.

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