Welcome Wednesday: Adam Stokes


Adam Stokes joins Newcomb & Boyd as a Mechanical Engineer. The challenge and opportunity to work on interesting and meaningful projects drew him to Newcomb & Boyd.

Adam is originally from Lawrenceville, GA, but currently lives in Suwanee, GA. The farthest he’s ever been from home was to Temecula, CA. His favorite trip he’s ever been on was a weekend in Asheville for his friend’s bachelor party. Adam’s ideal vacation would be to go to Germany and see the Nürburgring motor-sports complex and castles.

Some of Adam’s hobbies include playing/working on guitars & amplifiers, going to concerts & sporting events, cooking, and visiting breweries. Adam is currently binging Formula 1: Drive to Survive. In fact, if time and money weren’t a factor, Adam would get into building track cars to use for racing, tracking and autocrossing.

Adam’s favorite TV show is Band of Brothers and his favorite book is The Hobbit. The best concert Adam has ever attended was Weezer, Falloutboy, and Green Day at Truist Part.

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