Naval Air Station Pensacola Technical Training Center Complex

The Naval Air Technical Training Center Complex, a ten building barracks complex including a galley, an enlisted men’s club, and a health clinic to house students for four-week to six-month long courses in aviation support activities. The complex includes eight three story, 117,500 square foot barracks to house 560 students each; one six story, 240,000 square foot barrack for 450 students; and a three story, 70,500 square foot barrack for 225 students attending the MS “A” school. Parking areas, lighted softball and football fields, and a central plant consisting of 3,500 tons of refrigeration, heat recovery system, and underground distribution.


In-building metallic and fiber optic cable. The systems include a campus-wide metallic and fiber cable system to connect all building to the base telephone and fiber optic system, as well as a campus-wide cable network to provide television service to all buildings.


The exterior primary distribution system is 12.47 kV, 3-phase, grounded wye. The primary distribution is routed in an underground ductbank and manhole system. Primary power is provided to the site from existing medium voltage switchgear. Two feeders are extended to the site in a single primary loop configuration. Power is delivered to each building with step-down, loop-feed, pad-mounted transformers provided at each separate building.

Fire Protection

Sprinkler and fire alarm systems.

Project Data
Pensacola, Florida 1,250,500 square feet Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Acoustics, Communications, Security LS3P Associates Ltd.

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