Clemson University Core Campus Residence Hall Lighting and Specialty Systems

Acoustics, audio-visual systems and lighting for the Core Campus Residence Hall, a mixed-use facility. The complex features three residential communities, the 220 bed South Residence Hall, and the 480 bed North and Middle Residence Halls, and 78,000 square feet of dining space comprising a 900 seat dining hall and a 300 seat dining center serving convenience food. Public spaces include a central lounge, a library, a Grand Hall, and two classrooms. The living-learning community serves as the epicenter of the Calhoun Honors College and is the University’s first Residential College.


Archiectural acoustics for a 900 seat dining facility, the Great Hall multipurpose room, and the retail dining space. Acoustical elements enable effective speech communication, improve acoustical charactericistics of room finishes, and minimize HVAC system noise.


Multimedia presentation spaces, collaboration huddle spaces, lounges, videoconferencing rooms, digital signage, and multiple food vendor menu systems for the Core Campus Residence Hall.

Project Data
Clemson, South Carolina 296,000 square feet Acoustics, Audio-Visual, Lighting Stevens & Wilkinson SC, Inc. VMDO Architects, PC Jonathan Hillyer Photography, Inc.

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