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At Newcomb & Boyd, our engineers and technology experts work together to bring smart solutions to the built environment. With almost a century of professional practice, we operate on a solid foundation of proven processes, real-world data, and a forward-thinking mindset. The result is a flexible, client-centric team that knows how to partner with industry-leading architects and the sophisticated owners they serve. 

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Donny Walker and Paul Maximuk sat down with James Dice to talk about major themes for our industry in 2022, including hybrid office and decarbonization. They also spoke about the major themes showing up on their active project list right now, including converged networks, the independent data layer, and building operation systems. 

Norfolk Southern’s new high-performance headquarters has been designed as an efficient, next-generation urban campus that reimagines employee work environment and experience. Through technology, this campus built a single mobile experience application, a work order system, and a single pane of glass for building operations to integrate amenities and function for a reimagined occupant comfort experience. Composed of two office towers, the complex is unified by a five-story campus-style hub for employees to work and socialize. The hub also features multiple roof terraces as well as parking for 2000 cars. The entire development is clad in a high-performance enclosure with floor-to-ceiling glass to maximize daylight and views. Amenities include an on-site dining facility, rooftop garden and private greenspace, fitness center, state-of-the-art conference and training facilities, on-site childcare, and a variety of workspaces to serve employees’ diverse needs while fostering interaction and collaboration.

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Donny Walker

Donny Walker, PE, RCDD

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Paul Maximuk

Paul Maximuk

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Michael MacMahon

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