Emory University Emory Children’s Center

The five story Emory Children’s Center includes open modular laboratory space, tissue culture rooms, environmental rooms, fume hood rooms, examination rooms, patient consultation areas, procedure rooms, glasswash/sterilization areas, and a BSL-3 laboratory. The facility also houses a 12,000 square foot animal holding facility with fifteen mouse holding rooms (total capacity of forty-four racks), six procedure rooms, necropsy, cage wash facilities, and support space, and houses more than 140 faculty researchers and clinicians. Sustainable features include an energy recovery system and a condensate recovery system.

The exhaust system for the animal holding rooms was designed for maximum flexibility while minimizing cost by including specialized iris dampers to compensate for racks that are disconnected from the exhaust system. While fifteen air changes per hour are provided for each holding room, the HVAC system has the capability to reduce the air change rate if ventilated racks are used. The cage wash facilities are fed by clean steam to reduce risk to the animals from chemicals added to plant steam.


Acoustics include mechanical and electrical systems noise and vibration control.

Campus Infrastructure

Extension of the campus steam system to support the five story Children’s Center.

Project Data
Atlanta, Georgia 139,300 square feet Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection LEED Certified certification The S/L/A/M Collaborative, Inc.

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